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A Few Weeks Until Spring Break and Now Is the Best Time to Book a Spray Tan in Las Vegas

People considering custom airbrush spray tanning should start booking their sessions now to have a base tan ready for the spring break and beach season.


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/08/2011 -- Happibake Spray Tanning Company advises people who have lost their base tan during the dry winter months to book their spray tan sessions as soon as possible to give their skin enough time to recover and re-moisturize before the beach season begins. Natural looking bronze skin is possible year round with spray tanning, but planning is essential for people who want to enjoy their upcoming trips and pool parties.

A local staple in the Las Vegas community, Happibake Spray Tanning Company is one of the busiest custom airbrush spray tanning studios in the city because of its excellent results and word of mouth client referrals. Happibake specializes in custom airbrush spray tanning by hand, and Manager Liz Gutierrez and her staff are known for their distinctive spray solutions and innovative techniques.

Asked about why people should have a spray tan session before the warmer weather arrives, Manager Liz stated, "Our skin gets a lot dryer during the winter months, and it can take a few weeks before all the natural moisture in our skin comes back to normal levels."

"There are ingredients in spray tanning that help moisturize the skin," Liz continued, "but having some sessions a couple weeks before can really give the clients skin a boost and help it get to where it needs to be. A spray tan will only look better and more natural if the skin is properly moisturized. To get the results they want before any summer plans, we recommend clients come in now for their sessions."

Airbrush spray tanning is the process of manually applying a solution containing DHA, the active ingredient in spray tanning, to the outer top layer of the skin which works with the proteins of the skin to change the pigmentation. A typical spray tan session can take between 15-30 minutes and the coloring of the skin can last between 5-10 days, depending on care.

Airbrush spray tanning is FDA approved, and is popular with both men and women around the world. "Our goal is to make sure everyone looks and feels their best," stated Liz. "And contacting us to book a session early is the first step. If anyone is considering spray tanning or has questions about the process we would love to help get them get started in the right direction."

To find out more about Happibake Spray Tanning Company and the services they offer, please visit: http://www.happibake.com

About Happibake Spray Tanning Company
Happibake Spray Tanning Company (http://www.happibake.com) is an independently owned and operated spray tanning company founded in Las Vegas, Nevada, as a healthy sunless alternative to traditional tanning. Their goal is to educate everyone on the benefits and beauty of sunless spray tanning. An industry leader in sunless airbrush spray tanning, Happibake is also the first and only company in Las Vegas to offer a full money back guarantee. “the happibake guarantee: be completely happi with your color or your bake is free.”