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Dennis Tubbergen Interviews Social Security Administration Public Affairs Specialist on Radio Talk Show

Guest Vonda VanTil on The Everything Financial Radio Show gives pertinent information on filing for benefits, how benefits can be taxed.


Grand Rapids, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/09/2011 -- Dennis Tubbergen has been in the financial industry for over 25 years and is CEO of USA Wealth Management LLC, a federally-registered investment advisory company and is CEO of USA Advanced Planning, a tax planning and wealth transfer company.

Tubbergen is also entering his fifth year as a radio talk show host. His qualifications for hosting The Everything Financial Radio Show are impressive as is his guest list.

One of Tubbergen’s recent radio guests was Vonda VanTil, the public affairs specialist for the Social Security Administration (SSA) in Grand Rapids, Michigan. VanTil, who is a graduate of Aquinas College in Michigan, has been with the SSA for 20 years.

When asked by Tubbergen the current state of the SSA, VanTil replied, “The Social Security Administration is paying out more in benefits than it is taking in.”

VanTil went on to explain that high unemployment rates and longer life expectancy are just two elements causing the current strain on the social security system, and, if nothing is done, by the year 2037 the SSA will only be able to meet 78% of its obligations.

“There is a need to make changes to remain solvent,” admits VanTil. “We’d like the changes to be gradual so they don’t impact any one generation too much. We don’t want to see benefit cuts or an enormous burden on anyone. But I have no doubt it (Social Security benefits) will be there for all of us.”

Tubbergen asked VanTil to explain the mechanics of filing for Social Security benefits, noting that many people are confused about when to apply and how they are taxed once they file with the SSA.

“The earliest you can file is three months in advance of turning 62 years of age,” explained VanTil. She added there are a few different ways to file, including calling the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 or going online to

To hear the rest of Tubbergen’s interview with Ms. VanTil, go to and listen to the podcast. Tune in weekly for Tubbergen’s in-depth analysis of the economy, as well as interviews with experts in the fields of finance, economics and politics.

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