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Drug Rehab 22 Days Addiction Treatment Program


Laval, Quebec -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/14/2011 -- The First Step Alcohol & Drug Rehab Treatment Center Offers Intensive Closed Group Treatment Programs Lasting 22 Days

First Step’s 22-day addiction treatment program helps substance abuse victims overcome addiction more quickly and affordably.

The closed group treatment method provides patients with a safe, nurturing setting where they can express their feelings and experience emotional breakthroughs.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada September 15, 2010 – The First Step Alcohol & Drug Rehab Treatment Center is a cutting-edge addiction treatment program with facilities in Vancouver, Montreal, and the Caribbean.

First Step’s innovative new 22-day program utilizes the closed group treatment model, an intensive group counseling method that enables substance abuse victims to heal more quickly while saving time and money.

Many victims of substance abuse fail to receive the treatment they need because they cannot afford to pay for a long-term treatment program.

The 22-day closed group treatment program offered by First Step provides a solution to this common dilemma because it is affordable, intensive, and helps patients overcome addiction problems in a shorter amount of time. All of First Step’s 22-day closed group treatment programs are led by a professional addiction rehab counselor who guides discussions and helps patients overcome the emotional roadblocks that are interfering with their recovery.

Closed group membership programs at First Step can take one of two approaches: the process oriented approach or the psychoeducational approach.

In process oriented closed group treatment programs, patients share the thoughts and feelings they have about their addiction.

Psychoeducational closed group treatment programs focus on educational topics and teach members methods for coping with their addiction.

For many patients, drug rehab is the first time they have ever discussed their problems with substance abuse to anyone else.

Therefore, it can take a while for them to let their guard down in front of other people.

Closed group treatment is effective because new members are not accepted into the program after treatment starts.

As a result, members of the group can get to know each other better, making it easier for them to open up and express their feelings.

After spending a few days getting comfortable with other group members and discussing their addiction problems, childhood experiences, and other issues, many participants in First Step’s closed group treatment programs experience significant breakthroughs.

Their peers serve as a support network, and they can draw from their experiences.

Closed group membership programs achieve results more quickly than traditional drug rehab programs because they are closed off to new members.

When patients spend time with the same group of people for a while, they have less fear about opening up to each other.

Once patients have the opportunity to reveal painful episodes of their lives and release pent up emotions, they tend to recover more quickly from their addictions.

About First Step Alcohol & Drug Rehab Treatment Center
First Step is an alcohol and drug rehab treatment center with facilities in Canada and the Caribbean.

First Step offers comprehensive treatment for eating disorders, alcoholism, drug addiction, and other types of addictions.

Treatments and services that First Step offers for substance abuse victims and their families include closed group treatment, aftercare programs, dual diagnosis treatment, and intervention.

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