Alex Bruce Reveals the 5 Million Sales figure for GPS Angel is the affiliate partner of GPS Angel and is an online supplier of GPS Angel speeding camera detector devices.


Cedar Rapids, IA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/02/2011 -- Speeding can be fun but it can be dangerous as well. There is always a tussle between the authorities to catch speedsters crossing the speed limit and the people in trying to foil these attempts. The authorities have set up speeding cameras and red light cameras to catch the culprits and in turn speed camera detectors are being sold in huge numbers to track the speed camera and red light cam., the website helping motorists to avoid speeding and red light tickets, has recently revealed that GPS Angel, a speed camera detector, has crossed the magical sales figure of five millions. The increasing trend in sales is also a clear indication about how the motorists are trying to keep themselves safe from paying fines for speeding and red light tickets and beating the traffic cameras being installed at more traffic posts and road intersections.

“There is an increase in the number of motorists, who are receiving these traffic tickets, without having any prior knowledge or intention of violating any speed violation. So people are using GPS Angel, an advanced device more effective in beating these cameras in the most efficient and legal manner. The five million sales figure also implies, how much motorists have moved over the traditional methods and adopted new technology to get the exact and accurate result,” says the spokesperson from

The website offers GPS Angel Red Light Camera & Speed Camera Detector for $99.00 along with the GPS Angel & Rechargeable Battery Go Cordless for $129.00. It also provides customer with multiple options to create an account or shop as a guest. Many users use the convenient and easy-to-use features offered by to purchase the products online. The portal is also responsible for creating awareness about the usage and benefits of installing the detectors on motor cars.

The authorities are currently installing speeding and red light cameras across an increased number of locations and road intersections. This may lead to issuance of more traffic tickets and more motorists will end up paying fines for violating the cameras. So one can see a bright future and an increased sales figure for GPS Angel to be announced by in near future.