Remedy Acne Now Publishes List of Facial Oils to Be Used as Home Remedies for Adult Acne

Information website comes to ease the pain of acne sufferers by discussing, in a recent article, the top most effective facial oils to be used as home remedies for adult acne.


Rosedale, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/11/2013 -- 2012 was unanimously pointed out as the year of the plant-based oils such as chia seed, avocado, argan and other facial oils that have proven their efficiency in treating adult acne and restoring a glowing and healthy complexion. Once feared for clogging the pores or giving the skin a greasy look, facial oils have become immensely popular among acne sufferers interested in accessing inexpensive, risk and pain-free acne remedies.

Health editor at says: “It might seem surprising for most of us, but one of the most effective solutions to treat acne scarring and blemishes is to slick the skin with natural oils”. The new information website recommends several facial oils acne patients should try in their quest of eliminating acne without risks or large investments in surgical procedures.

Asked about the reasons behind facial oils’ effectiveness in treating adult acne, the editor at explained that natural oils have an essential role in keeping the skin under control and regulating the surface sebum production, while fighting off inflammation and redness. Argan and tea tree oils are also effective in clearing away spots and expel impurities from the skin. advises acne sufferers to consider jojoba oil as part of an effective skin care regimen for acne, as it has the ability to break up sebum and get easily absorbed into the skin pores. However, jojoba oil doesn’t have antibacterial or exfoliating properties, so it should only be used to replace moisturizers and act as a protective shield for the skin.

“The market is saturated with remedies, pills, creams and ointments claiming to eliminate acne in as fast as one week’s time, but that’s simply not possible”, continues spokesperson for Remedy Acne Now. “Before addressing the scars and blemishes, one must focus on eliminating the causes of acne and the process can last for weeks. Fortunately, the best acne treatment makes it possible to treat acne at home with no risks, no pain and no investment”.

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