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Remote Controlled (RC) Alien ORB Is Dissected and Reviewed by Dad Does

Can The Alien ORB Reduce R/C Toy Frustration?


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/22/2012 -- It is not everyday that you get to examine, play with and review an Alien ORB. This particular ORB does not come from another planet, rather it comes from EB Brands. What makes the R/C Alien ORB different than all the other flying R/C toys? The Alien ORB claims to be un-crashable. An RC flying toy that you can not crash sounded too good to be true, so Dad Does decided to do some hands-on testing with the Alien ORB.

The Alien ORB is a very different looking RC toy. In the center is a standard propeller, but the flying mechanism is completely surrounded by a foam ORB shaped shell. It is the foam shell that gives the Alien OBR the un-crashable claim. In truth, you can crash the ORB into ceilings, wall and the floor – the amazing thing is that it just keeps flying.

“The Alien ORB is very cool RC toy. You crash it into things and it just bounces off and keeps on going. Even the worst R/C pilot can have fun with the ORB, which is very different than most R/C toys – which are very fragile. We also loved the auto-upright technology. Crash it into the ground however you want, somehow it always spins around so it ends up upright, read to take off again” states Dan Nessel of DadDoes.Com

Dad Does has been busy creating a guide to the top toy reviews for 2012 and innovate toys like the Alien ORB from EB Brands will make the guide. In addition to focusing on the best RC toys of 2012 DadDoes.Com is also looking for great toys that do not require batteries or complicated setup.

The Astrojax MX Sport is a great example of a toy that is fun to play with and requires absolutely no power and no setup. The Astrojax is in some ways like a YoYo, but with an added dimension. The toy looks very simple – three balls on a string – that is it. The magic is in the weight and the movement of the balls. With a little practice, kids and adults will be doing fun tricks with the Astrojax.

Nessel states, “The Astrojax is so simple and so fun. It is hard to even explain what it is, I suggest people go to our Toy Reviews YouTube Channel and take a look at the Astrojax in action. In truth, the best way to experience the Astrojax is to just get your hands on one and have some fun with it.”

The Alien ORB and the Astrojax are completely different toys, but they share one common trait – they have great play value. This just shows that there are many different ways to make a toy – high tech or no tech – but as long as it is fun to play with, kids will be happy.

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