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Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth Tribute by Church Folk Revolution Radio: A Comparison of Civil Rights Pastors Versus Prosperity Pastors

Church Folk Revolution Radio Tribute To Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth: The Standard Of What A Pastor Should Be.


New Orleans, LA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/25/2014 -- Church Folk Revolution (CFR) has announced that they are paying a special tribute to the late Civil Rights Pastor Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth. With the last week of February’ Black History acknowledgements CFR Radio hosts say they are thrilled to recognized a legend the likes of Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth.

On 02/24/2014 the Church Folk Revolution launched a radio broadcast titled “Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth: The Standard Of Being A Pastor. The show was hosted by radio personalities TJ & Sister Liberty, in which they reflected on the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham in 1963. They also shared how Rev. Shuttlesworth served as one of the key organizers for the movement, and they also highlighted the success of his Children's Protest Demonstrations. The hosts also used the episode to draw a comparison between the Pastors of Civil Rights Movement and the Prosperity Preachers of today.

Mr. Shuttlesworth joined with Dr. King in 1957 as one of the four founding ministers of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the engine of Dr. King’s effort to unify the black clergy and their flocks to combat Jim Crow laws.

This two hour podcast tribute to Rev. Shuttlesworth is offered free of charge on the group’s website