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Tallahassee, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/13/2013 -- Just like many more products and progenies of the technological advancements the world has come upon in the last few decades, anonymity, whilst useful in certain circumstances, can also be used as a tool to annoy or even worse, harass others. Harassing someone anonymously via repeated prank calls or even a one-time prank call is an offense which may not practically be as dangerous or harmful as it sounds, but it is as grave as a major crime because of the psychological implications it can have on the victim.

To prevent this, technology has come up with inventions that can help people to avoid contact with these unknown harassers. After a thorough research on the Internet, it appears that is the most comprehensive one-stop solution to put an end to such problems. The platform is a web-based application that helps in finding out the details about the anonymous prank calls. “Not only does this website provide the name of whoever the phone number is registered to, it also provides the address on which that phone number is registered. The tracking service works for both mobile phone number and landline numbers.” – A source from within the provider of this service noted. Once a person has the complete information about whoever is bothering him/her or their loved ones, one can then use it to put a stop to the offender’s misdeeds, either by just letting them know that one know who they are and a person will go to the authorities if they refuse to stop and apologize, or by just calling the police or the phone company and asking them to take whatever action is required.

Sometimes the issue can be nothing more than simply a case of some bored kids passing time by randomly prank calling people. In such cases simply informing them that people know of their whereabouts would stop their mischief. But a lot of times, the problem can be more serious than that. If one knows of someone who is being harassed or has been harassed in the past by prank calls and anonymous threats on the phone; whether he/she be an angry and jealous ex-spouse or partner, or an angry colleague at work trying to unsettle the victim; in this regard, a spokesperson of the website said, “having a tool to pin point their names and addresses can be a very useful tool and can save the victim from a lot of headache and sleepless nights.” Sometimes, having this service at one’s disposal can also save him/her the hassle of having to change their cell phone number after repeatedly being harassed by predators and stalkers.

Testifying to the quality and usefulness of this service, a customer of this service enthusiastically exclaimed that after some problems at work, he was given a two week deadline to resign by this anonymous caller who was calling from different numbers. Thanks to Reverse Phone Number, he was able to figure out who the caller was, confronted him and had him back off.”

We have sorted out all the issues regarding prank calls. The site is developing the best platform for people who were in real stress.

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