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SEO Fight Back Review by - "Get Even With Google"

Jacobo Benitez & Michael Carling have released their new SEO ranking software, SEO Fight Back, which promises to breathe new life into websites with rankings destroyed by Google's recent "revisions" to its page ranking algorithms. releases its product review.


Westfield, IN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/21/2012 -- Jacobo Benitez and Michael Carlin have proven capable in the development of SEO software, having earned renown amongst peers. As Google evolves its page ranking methods to suppress rampant marketing excesses, this pair of SEO-guru software developers has teamed up to create a formal solution to the contemporary page ranking roadblock formally known as "Google Penguin".

The "solution" goes by the name of SEO Fight Back, the name of the software program developed by Benitez and Carlin to successfully navigate Google to earn top page rankings within its complicated algorithms.

The Google Penguin and Google Panda updates are the latest changes to page ranking metrics coming down the Google pipeline. "They’re doing everything they can to weed out internet marketers using grey-hat, black-hat or just plain 'old-hat' techniques," states Benitez. Many longstanding websites of ranking prominence have fallen from grace in the wake of these changes.

The SEO Fight Back software was created by Benitez and Carlin in direct response to the rank loss carnage. With a masterful understanding of Google's new methodology, this duo of prior SEO software notoriety (PPC Revenge and PR Plunder, for example) developed SEO Fightback with one goal - high page rankings under Google's revised ranking system.

In a way, the SEO Fightback software is like getting revenge - despite Google's "crackdown", sites can use the SEO Fightback program to rank better than ever for successful business operation and greater sales potential.

If you’re using outdated strategies - tired old backlinking methods - or firing up the same expensive (and over-complicated) link-building software each day, your sites are at risk of being wiped at any moment.

Benitez and Carlin are proposing a solution.

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