RHOOST Announces Launch of New Eco-Friendly Baby Grooming Kit


Newton, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/10/2014 -- Rhoost LLC, the Boston based leader of Eco Friendly Child Safety Products announced the release of their first All-Natural Baby Grooming Kit, the company’s first product to address baby’s bathing and grooming needs. Announced on their website April 1st and available to consumers early June this year on RHOOST.COM.

Following the Rhoost design tradition and crafted using 100% Natural and Organic Materials, the Rhoost Baby Grooming Kit is making bath time a whole lot easier and safe for both baby and parents. Grooming Essentials include an organic washcloth, egg designed nail clipper, natural brush and comb.

Here’s the product description from the website on each item in the grooming kit:

- Hairbrush: Soft but robust bristles keep tangles at bay and hairstyles in tact
- Comb: Wooden comb gently handles tiny tangles and is great for cradle cap
- Nail Clipper: Easy to use on even the tiniest of nails
- Washcloth: Ultra soft and playful making bath time soothing and fun
- 100% Organic Cotton, Natural Bamboo, and Natural Bristles

We all know we should be bathing our babies daily but many new parents don’t take nail trimming very seriously. Babies nails tend to grow quickly from infancy to toddlerhood, they may need to be trimmed as often as once or twice a week. Some newborns need their nails to be trimmed even more often than that during the first few weeks of life.

One important piece that is missing from nearly every baby kit we’ve seen available is a proper nail file. Even without this feature the Rhoost baby grooming kit is a great buy and one of the nicer grooming kits on the market. However if you find yourself still wanting to smooth out the edges of those little nails a bit more, than try the Zoli Buzz B Baby nail file. It works great in conjunction with the Rhoost grooming kit.

“We are thrilled to launch a grooming kit that parents will be very excited about. Our goal is to make grooming easy and safe for new parents”, said Vianka Perez Belyea, Co –founder of Rhoost.

For more information about where Rhoost products can be found including

Specialty, and online stores, please visit: http://www.rhoost.com

To learn more about Rhoost’s Smarter Child Safety Products and the Rhoost Baby Grooming Kit,

At Rhoost, our goal is to create products that allow parents to spend more time having fun with their kids, and less time worrying about them. We are committed to creating innovative solutions that are safe for babies, safe for the environment, and easy to use.

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