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Rios Quantitative Named Top 10 U.S. Trading Room by Futures Truth Magazine

Futures Truth Magazine has named Rios Quantitative as one of the Top 10 trading rooms in the United States in a study conducted by Dr. Dean Handley. The study took into account over four years of evaluation, 47,000 historical trade records and 19,000 prospective trades.


Coral Gables, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/31/2014 -- Rios Quantitative is pleased to announce that they have been named as one of the top 10 futures trading rooms in the United States by Futures Truth Magazine. In Dr. Handley’s study, he reviewed more than 460 futures trading websites and evaluated them using several factors including their transparency, proven tack record, and the likelihood of them assisting traders become successful.

As one of the top 10 ranked trading rooms in the final study released by Futures Truth Magazine, Dr. Dean Handley had this to say about Rios Quantitative:

“They trade the greatest diversity of futures indices I have ever seen and present as a one-stop financial boutique specializing in electronic trading strategy and software development for the trading. Their technology provides traders access to innovative methods to profit from the markets while controlling risk. Mr. Schwartz opens the room in a friendly, relaxed and most informative manner. He demonstrates the concepts, methods and tools outlined in an easy to understand step-by-step approach. This room offers ample and diverse trade opportunities.”

Rios Quantitative is honored that their quantitative trading efforts have been rewarded with the designation of being one of the top 10 trading rooms throughout the U.S.

Dr. Dean Handley Dean Handley has the following credentials: BS; MS; PhD; MBA, JD.

Dr. Handley has published over 28 different papers on the futures industry, factors and influences that relate to trader success and mathematical computations on advanced strategies to maximize financial returns on each and every trade.

He offers the following conclusion in his article in Futures Truth: “It took me years to find these rooms and months to substantiate them so be patient,” writes Handley, “and also let me tell you some of what they are (and are not):

- They’re polite, friendly, trustworthy traders; most mentor and many are remarkable educators
- They’re reasonably priced; all generate a net P/L = $50K/yr ($200/d); further P/L ranking is unproductive
- They’re easy to follow, transparent; some do not use a single indicator
- They’re most often quiet, focused and reserved rooms; all trader-no vendor
- They’re not successful 98% of the time nor do they do not routinely make $500/contract
- They do not have a marketing dept; in cyber searches they will be distant if not invisible.”

About Rios Quantitative
Rios Quantitative specializes in quantitative analysis and algorithmic trading, and consists of an expert team that has combined complex and diverse ideas into successful investment and trading strategies and systems.

The RQ (Rios Quantitative) team combines their unique expertise in market analysis, software programming and development, strategy development, trading, and risk management in order to provide exceptional results. The RQ team is headed by company founder Joe Garcia-Rios, a 20 year Wall Street veteran recognized as an innovator of automated systems and trading strategies.

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