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Rocket Spanish Review: Real Truth Exposed - MUST Read

Want to learn Spanish quickly for your upcoming travels but don't know how to learn quickly? Tired of trying and failing at learning Spanish on your own? Feeling frustrated that your expert Spanish "tutor" hasn't taught you like you were expecting?


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/17/2013 -- Well, fear not!, because this Press Release is here to introduce Rocket Languages to you. If you ever wanted to learn Spanish (or any other language) quickly and effectively, then you owe it to yourself to read on to find out more about this amazing language teaching tool. And best of all, you don't have to visit a language school or join a classroom anywhere. You will learn everything you need to right from the comfort of your home!

English is the number one business language in the world today. However, guess what's the number two language? You got it - it's Spanish! And once you've mastered the language, you'll open the doors to opportunities - including employment, travel and networking - in over 21 Latin American countries, as well as European destinations like Spain and Portugal. And now, thanks to Rocket Spanish, you can quickly learn Spanish and get the keys to unlocking those doors in no time. That's an unbelievable opportunity to connect, chat with, converse and do business with over 450+ million individuals the world over. Isn't that amazing!

Today's announcement is meant to inform you that the old ways of learning through books and instructors are over. And if you thought practicing saying "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain", over, and over again after listening to a CD was good language teaching, you're mistaken. Modern research has proven that individuals learn better through "interactivity" and "feedback". What does that mean?

Well, when you prepare to learn something like a new language, you don't want to learn from a CD or an iPod cast. All that gives you is a one-sided communication. But what if you had a tool that initially provided instructions, then got you to follow those instructions, then measured you on how well you did (or did not!) perform, and finally offered additional feedback and encouragement to enhance your skills? And what if, before you actually dived into a language, you got to know its history, its culture, its roots and the pedigree of that language.

Modern research confirms that this is the best method to develop new skills. Educators, psychologists and human behavior specialists all agree that this is the best way for anyone to learn new concepts. And that's how modern language training is supposed to be delivered. And that's exactly how Rocket Spanish teaches you to master the Spanish language. Is it any wonder then that PC Mag voted it its "Editors' Choice for language-learning"?

The beauty of learning any language is to try and learn to speak it in a way that you sound like - or as close to - a native speaker. And the only way you can do that is to learn from native speakers. Rocket Spanish comes with dozens of recorded language lessons, from beginners to advanced, that let you hear, practice and repeat phrases, sentences and full conversation from fluent native Spanish speakers. An instructor that has Spanish-as-a-second-language cannot match these tools.

Best of all, these resources use computer-based voice recognition techniques to compare your pronunciation against the instructor-lead conversation. Unlike the human ear, which most "in-person tutors" rely on, computer-based audio comparison techniques are guaranteed to improve your Spanish accent and make it a thousand times more accurate. And you can practice your skills over, and over again, comparing yourself against the pros, and making incremental adjustments until your pitch is a perfect match to the native-speaking instructors'!

If you are looking to learn Spanish fast - in as much as 50% less time than it would conventionally take you - then you need a tool that challenges you every step of the way. You need a tool that coaches and tests you. Provides opportunities to track and measure your progress. Provides you encouragement every step of the way - like awarding you a merit badge for a test done well - so you are continually motivated. Affords you a support system through a "help" community of like-minded language enthusiasts. Most of all, you need a tool that teaches you how to have fun when learning.

If that's what you are after, then you should seriously consider Rocket Spanish!

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About Rocket Languages
Rocket Languages was formed in early 2004 by two friends, Jason Oxenham and Mark Ling. Jason, a dedicated Francophile, and Mark, who was studying Spanish at university, were both familiar with the language learning material provided by universities and bookshops.