Russian Billionaire Clone Story Uncovered as Fake


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/14/2014 -- A news story that went viral on social media recently has been identified as fake, by news site “This was just one of our many fabricated stories that we create that went viral online very quickly. It is amazing that people believe these stories, as they are extremely outrageous and pure nonsense,” explained a representative from

The story quickly went viral due in part to the images included with the story. The 12 babies and also an image of 12 women, all pregnant, just peaked the curiosity of each reader. “We believe our readers were so excited while reading the story that all logic was thrown out the window and they just quickly clicked on the share buttons to show all of their social media connections the amazing story. The fact that we noted the person cloned was a billionaire just made people bite even harder,” explained the website representative.

Titled, “Russian Billionaire Clones Himself 12 Times,” the story’s headline commanded a lot of attention for the website that creates fake news stories for entertainment purposes. It was and continues to be one of the most popular stories on the website.

The original story can be seen here: The representative also added, “From the initial popularity and reaction to our website it has become clear that people need a good source of entertainment online. The public likes scandals and outrageous stories, and we just happen to be very good at creating it for them. We have no plans to slow down and our readership is responding so well to our stories that it is just helping to increase our creative fire.”

Several other news sites picked up the story and believed it to be real, something that finds extremely hilarious. “The media will believe anything and doesn’t do their research before reporting on topics, and we prove this with virtually every story we publish. There are always some news outlets that bite, and we love it!”

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