Saber-Tooth Tiger Clone Is Fake, Website Announces


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/14/2014 -- A story that recently went viral and caused quite a storm of discussion online has recently been announced as fake, by satire website “While we would love to see a saber-tooth tiger cloned, unfortunately it didn’t really happen. The story was first published on our fake news site, and although the story is outrageous and purely done for entertainment value, that didn’t stop several credible news outlets from running the story,” explained a websites representative.

The original story, found here:, claimed that a baby saber-tooth named Ryu was cloned and it was a 98% pure saber-tooth tiger. The representative added, “It was such a crazy claim, but so many sites started to link to the story and they were announcing our story as real that it caused so many people to believe it. I mean, a saber-tooth? Come on! We still laugh about it to this day!”

This is just one of several stories that have recently been published by that have gone viral and caused a media frenzy. The website continues to attract new visitors every single day.

The attention-grabbing headline of “Scientists in Japan Clone 98% Pure Saber-Tooth Tiger” did a great job at reeling in the readers. “Our job is to create stories that are fun and that people want to believe so bad that they throw all logic out the window. We constantly hear our readers tell us they can’t believe that they fell for it, and this is the fun kind of entertainment value we aim for when we publish our stories.”

“We also get a kick out of the fact that major credible news sources will break our stories and report them as real news. This not only happened with this story, as it has happened to dozens of stories found on The reactions we get keeps us going,” explained a representative.

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