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Healthier Life Supplements Announces Unique Coupon Code for Their Pure Saffron Extract Supplement

It has been advised that this discount offer is on top of the already discounted price which is listed on the Amazon market place.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/30/2014 -- Healthier Life Supplements has announced today the release of a special coupon code for a limited discount offer of 17% on their Pure Saffron - Satiereal Saffron Extract Supplement. It has been advised that this discount offer is on top of the already discounted price which is listed on the Amazon market place.

This from their media advisor Rory Henning ..."We want everyone to have greater access to this; one of our best health and weigh loss supplement and it's only limited for the month of February. We are not advertising this any where else right now so this is exciting news for the early birds. When customers make their purchase and they add this coupon code at checkout: SAFPROMO ...they'll automatically receive 17% discount off of the already discounted price on our hugely popular pure saffron supplement!"

The Product
The Satiereal Saffron Extract is one of the popular and most effective supplements on the market today. It came from the portion of a crocus thread that contains Safranal, an active saffron constituent. Since it is pure, buyers will get its maximum benefits. Its rich taste, the one used in cooking, aids people in losing weight. It can also boost confidence and help anyone overcome excessive eating.

The Benefits
The most popular use of this extract is for weight loss. Since it triggers the hormone serotonin, it controls the mood of the person. It prevents people from overeating because it has a suppressing agent which makes the person feel less hungry. It also suppresses the urge to eat. Saffron Extract balances the appetite, mood and sleep, making the person healthier and fit.

Other than being a weight loss supplement, it is also an antidepressant. It can help reduce the chances of depression because of the chemical serotonin found from this extract – the same component that regulates mood and eventually controls it. This makes people feel happy and helps them to have a sense of well being.

How it Works
Upon digesting the Satiereal Saffron Extract, it triggers the release of the hormone serotonin – the feel good hormone. It keeps the person stable, relaxed, and happy. It is also prevents the occurrence of the symptoms of depression and reduces the possibility of stress.

People who are excessively eating and those who cannot control the urge to eat sweets are advised to take this supplement. It will definitely help suppress sugar cravings and thus minimize hunger.

Healthier Life Supplements products are fulfilled by so customers can rest assured that all orders will arrive on time and in good order. Shipping is also free for all prime members. A 30 day money back guarantee is offered, so if one isn't happy with one's product, one will receive a full, no questions asked, refund so all the risk is on the company. All one has to do is focus on one's weight loss and diet plan.

About Healthier Life Supplements
Part of their mission statement at Healthier Life Supplements is to offer the best quality Weight Loss and Diet solutions. They are committed to providing the best customer service and after sales support to all their valued customers.

Their products are professionally sourced and proudly made right here in America for guaranteed quality and authenticity. All of their products are also produced in accordance with GMP consistent quality standards and the manufacturing facility is FDA registered. Customers can rest assured that the company brings only the best when it comes to their health and wellbeing.

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