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Salts Worldwide Expands Natural Gourmet Salt Offerings


Ossian, IN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/23/2014 -- Salts Worldwide is pleased to announce the addition of several new gourmet grade salt varieties to their already extensive inventory, available for immediate shipping. “We are focused on expanding our natural gourmet salt offerings as our company grows, providing both professional chefs and health conscious individuals with a one stop shop for all of their worldwide salt needs,” explained company representative Dan Kerns. The online inventory is available for immediate shipping and contains French Grey Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Black Lava Hawaiian Salt, and Red Alaea Salt.

Traditional table salts are extremely unhealthy, and Salts Worldwide aims to help educate the general population about the benefits of preparing food with higher quality salts. “The salt you purchase at the local grocery store is highly processed and they do dot contain the highly valuable trace minerals that are found in the salts that we provide. Aside from the health benefits there is also a much better flavor achieved by using specialty salts. Several world renowned chefs use these salts in order to enhance the flavor of their dishes. We encourage consumers to cook their favorite dish with our specialty salts instead of the traditional kosher salt that they find at their local supermarket, and the reaction is outstanding. They are shocked at the flavor benefit they provide on top of the health benefit,” added Mr. Kerns.

Salts Worldwide provides customers several quantity selections when ordering, giving new consumers the ability to affordably sample different salts, while also providing huge discounts for those wishing to purchase in bulk. Mr. Kerns discussed the different sizes available stating, “We understand that some consumers want to try different gourmet salts and experience the flavors, so we offer quantities as small as one ounce. Now, if there is a professional chef that uses Himalayan salt for example, we have the option to purchase it in quantities as large as 60 pounds. This allows us to satisfy the needs of the casual consumer all the way up to the best chefs in the world. All of our salts come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well.”

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Salts Worldwide is an online retailer providing the highest quality gourmet salts from around the world. The company only sells natural gourmet grade salts and bath salts that provide trace minerals and elements found naturally. Salts Worldwide provides salts for both professional chefs as well as the average consumer looking to take advantage of the high quality natural kosher salts. More information and to view the current available selection please visit