Santa Margarita Water Reservoir Installs Axton Infrared Illuminators


North Salt Lake, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/28/2014 -- Axton is a leading manufacturer of professional white light and infrared illuminators. Recently, it added another feather in its cap when Santa Margarita Water District (SMWD) placed an order for installing IR illuminators manufactured by the company.

It all started with a call from SMWD’s Project Manager, who requested assistance from the company in providing infrared illumination for an existing camera installation. He told that though they have four cameras set at the four corners of their new in-ground reservoir, they don’t work in the dark. So, they were looking for IR Lights to illuminate the areas, which would protect the expensive bladders that were extremely time-consuming to repair.

After consultation with Axton professionals, Santa Margarita Water District ordered an IR illuminator for “test drive” to assess how well the device would work in the environment at the site. Based on the project schematics presented to Axton, the company’s R&D department created a tailor-made solution, Pelco SpectraIV -IP-ABEHGP8, which included long-range, narrow angle lights to keep an eye on the fence line. To monitor the region in close proximity to the camera, some flood lights also were installed. For this test drive, SMWD just had to pay for shipping both ways.

The results of the test drive were highly satisfactory for SMWD. The Project Manager told that they were very pleased with the results offered by Axton’s IR illuminator and have agreed on the fact that this was an excellent solution to their reservoir site’s immediate security requirements.

Once the Chief Engineer of Santa Margarita Water District signed off on the project and the order was placed, Axton’s infrared illuminators were installed. Many good quality photos were taken in pitch black conditions, where the lighting was created by the IR illuminator. This way, the surveillance needs of SMWD were finally met by Axton’s IR Lights, thus adding yet another success story in its repertoire of accomplishments.