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Save My Marriage Today Review: LEAKED Information Revealed

The latest CDC statistics indicate that the divorce rate (per 1000 people) is around 3.6%. With so many relationships in trouble, it's time people got professional help so they can break away from being part of those grim statistics!


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/31/2014 -- Like any other relationship in life, Marriages need continuous attention if they are to survive and thrive. Unfortunately, because of the hectic lifestyles most married couples live today, research shows that many couples grow apart over time.

And ultimately, if proactive steps aren't taken to remedy the situation quickly, a typical cycle repeats itself:

- Couples grow estranged
- There is hatred and suspicion in the relationship
- They opt for trial separations
- They take the final step - DIVORCE!
- So, does it always have to end that way?

Professional author, online course developer, relationship and dating specialist and marriage counseling expert Amy Waterman doesn't think so. And through today's Press Release Waterman is introducing her latest online training system, Save My Marriage Today, which teaches estranged couples the secret recipe into rebuilding stronger relationships, and marriages even in the face of adversity and suspicion.

In Waterman's words, there are steps that couples can take TODAY, which will...:
"Turn your spouse around and make them LOVE you, CHERISH you, and DESIRE you again, so completely and powerfully that your marriage is the strongest it has ever been and is immune to the threat of breakup and divorce ever again."

The reason that most marriages and committed relationships don't weather even the slightest storm is that couples often don't recognize the signs. Worse still is the fact that, even when realization finally dawns upon them, they don't know what to do to reverse the situation and salvage it. And before they know it... it's all over!

In introducing Save My Marriage Today through today's announcement, Waterman is convinced that any relationship, no matter how badly it is damaged because of...:

- poisonous unresolved conflicts
- extra-marital affairs
- lack of physical intimacy
- ineffective communication
- suspicions, mistrust and jealousy
- negative thinking

...can be salvaged!

What's more, if couples know the "secrets" of what to do when faced with such complex and difficult situations, marriages can not only be salvaged but can be strengthened to such an extent that any future threat of separation or divorce will forever be eliminated. And through today's Press Release, those are the "secrets" that Waterman is making couples aware of.

Psychological research has indisputably proved that unless handled quickly and rightly, relationships - like Marriage - can quickly go downhill. To make relationships work, couples need to:
- be aware of negative emotions that are souring their relationship
- challenge destructive beliefs and attitudes in their spouses without getting their backs to the wall
- know how to confront and stop cheating behavior before it wreaks their marriage
- gently disarm controlling and overpowering behavior in a spouse
- be prepared to deal with criticism (whether just or unjustified) without triggering a backlash
- know how to bring physical and emotional intimacy back into the marriage

Deeply grounded in modern psychology, and made relevant because of real-life experiences from countless couples that have benefited from it, Save My Marriage Today is an online resource that teaches couples how to deftly deal with these and many other everyday situations that could potentially have a devastating impact on their marriages.

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About Amy Waterman
Amy Waterman is a professional writer who specializes not only in attraction and dating, but also in marriage counseling and relationship guidance. She is also co-author of a number of online courses that teach individuals and couples about Relationships, Love, Seduction and Personality Building.

Through the many years that she has practiced, Amy has helped over 6000 couples avoid taking that dreadful last step in a relationship - DIVORCE. As a result of this extensive experience, she has gained a unique insight into what makes love and relationships really work. And Save My Marriage Today is based on all of those secret insights and much more!