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Smithville, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/12/2012 -- Michael Fiore introduced his new product named Secret Survey to online customers. This is to help ladies discover the real reason why all mean lie to the women they love.

According to Michael Fiore, the product shows ladies the simple truth about the minds of men. Why they lie to women, especially to the one they love. The product is also aimed in order to help customers determine if their guy has a genuine love for them.

Usually, there are so many products with similar to this one that can be found in the internet. These products also promise of providing customers the chance to know the reason why men lie. The thing is that not all these products are effective in helping ladies to determine why men lie. Therefore, there are not able to get what they want and they feel that they have just wasted money in buying those products. This is one of the problems that Secret Survey is trying to put an end to. It aims to provide proven and reliable information to people why men usually lie to women.

What makes Secret Survey unique is that this reveals not only simple truth on why men lie to women. This also reveals information why men look at other women and other mysteries in men that women are not aware of. Buyers can get the chance to know the exact nature of men and determine if they really have genuine and pure affection.

Fiore has devoted his attention and time in formulating this product. He has conducted extensive research and studies in order to ensure that customers will get the chance to learn factual information only. Additionally, Fiore has also created similar products in the past which has helped ladies with their relationship concerns. This only means that the product from Fiore is worthy of one’s time and investment because it is a comprehensive ebook.

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