Secret Survey Review: Michael Fiore's Program Exposed


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/21/2014 -- Secret Survey reveals what men desperately want women to know but could never tell them. It captures the simple truths about the male mind that once a female learns these she will be able to read what’s going on in his head without him having to utter a word.

Women will have the answers to many questions about current and past relationships like why men lie, get quiet, cheat, or look at other girls, how to make him love a woman or get him to talk, and if he really loves his girl and would love her forever, among many other worries that preoccupy women.

The answers alone to these questions that trouble females time and again bring value to what the Secret Survey can contribute into a relationship. Knowing what males think is akin to having power over them, allowing a girl to win the attention, attraction, and adoration of a guy.

Where it all began
The survey was conducted by relationship expert Michael Fiore, renowned for helping both men and women communicate, connect, heal, and seduce to attain their partners’ love and keep the passion aflame. Many have poured their hearts out to him and sought his advice that he thought of getting their responses to two critical questions.

To the females, Fiore asked, “If you had telepathy and could read a man’s mind what’s the one thing you would desperately want to know?” As to the males, he inquired, “What’s the one thing you desperately wish women understood about men but could never tell her?”

Based on responses from 21,412 men, Fiore was able to gather priceless information on why they lie or cheat, bottle up their feelings or don’t communicate well, and find monogamy very difficult. Likewise, he noted what they truly want from women as well as their sexual fantasies, how they really feel about women, and what hurt them.

Fiore turned and organized the raw data into a program that females can learn from and showed them how to use this valuable information so they can evolve into women who fully understand men that the latter can’t help but be drawn to them. Be the very appealing girl who gets him right away, all the time by taking on the Secret Survey.

Why it can be powerful
The step-by-step training program is divided into eight lessons available in audio, text, and video formats.

Study the survey results, do what they say, and perform the simple exercises to see a transformation in the relationship in 30 days.

In the first lesson - Why Men Are Like Dogs and You’re a Bad Owner - women will be taught how to interpret ‘man speak’ and know the real reason why men are hard to understand. Through Projective Empathy, females will know what is going on in the male mind even if he himself is unsure of his thoughts.

Lesson 2 - Why Men Lie to Women They Love - points to three reasons behind the lies. Moreover, learn the Simple Conversational Tricks that will lead any guy to open up himself in as fast as five minutes. Lesson 3 - Emotional Castration - bares the things females tend to do that’s why males no longer compliment them. Learn to establish a foundation of communication, honesty, and truth in the relationship.

Know the truth behind a guy’s feelings about his girl and what he says about her when she’s not there to hear it, all in lesson 4 - Does He Really Love Me. In lesson 5 - Why He Looks at Other Women - a girl will come to realize what this says about her and how he feels about her.

The answer to a big question that has been troubling females can be found in lesson 6 - Why Men Cheat. As males cheat on the girl they love find out what goes on in their heads and how he feels about her. The program also tackles ways to prevent this from happening.

Understand what a girl’s appearance means to guys and what he thinks about her when he looks at her, through lesson 7 - Reflected Glory. Lastly, learn why men don’t share their sexual fantasies to women and how to get him obsessed over her through lesson 8 - Sex and What Men Really Want in Bed.

What it takes to know
Secret Survey can be instantly accessed. Females can learn a whole lot more from this program such as the Power of Feminine Vulnerability and Emotional Judo Techniques.

Women will also be taught how to remove insecurity from the relationship, seduce a man in a very short time, and get him to pursue her. It would be interesting to know as well how men decide if a girl is someone to sleep with or is girlfriend material. More information is available at Secret Survey’s official homepage here.

About Secret Survey by Michael Fiore - whyhelies.com
“Secret Survey will show you the simple truth about the minds of men . . . why men lie to women they love (especially to women they love) . . . how he really feels about you . . . why he looks at other women and many other mysteries of men you've simply never been told before.”

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