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Should You Use a Device to Stop Snoring?

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Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/28/2014 -- Steven Sanders puts on his investigative journalist hat and delves into the world of stop snoring devices.

Snoring is classified according to levels – heavy, mild and minor. With these categories in mind, Mr. Sanders set out to determine what devices are available and which, if any, are specifically designed for the various degrees of snoring.

“I had always assumed that if someone snored it was every night,” said Mr. Sanders “and if it caused their partner to wake up, it was a major problem. It was a surprise to learn that degrees of snoring were actually defined. One patient participating in the Rush University Medical Center sleep disorder research actually woke his partner more than 10-times a night. I wanted to know if there was a device that stops snoring for everyone.”

Heavy snoring refers to occurrences at least 4-times a week to multiple times per night. After visiting several medical sites including National Health Services, U.K. and National Institute of Health, U.S., the most common device recommended for heavy snorers by health administrators is an oral device to stop snoring. Some of these appliances get very high ratings on sites like Amazon that verifies all reviews are made by actual buyers while others are considered a waste of money. The Breathe Easy oral mouth guard scores above average for all devices of this sort.

Mild snoring is defined as occurring sporadically several times a week. This type of snoring usually happens after a night out where drinking is part of the routine. Alcohol is a cause of snoring because of the way in which it the chemicals affect the brain even during sleep. Infrared snoring devices which emit a light electrical shock to stimulate the brain are the system of choice among specialists. There are several brands of Snore Stopper Watches on the market and not all are created equal. That said: the watches are effective especially for those who sleep alone.

Minor snoring is categorized as the occasional snoring usually due to sinus problems or allergies affecting the sinuses. The health providers we referenced preferred over-the-counter nasal stop snoring devices such as nasal clips or strips. More verified buyers voted for the Snore Stopper nose clip over any of the other devices offered and previously used.

“I take my position with Sleep Solutions 101 very seriously,” Sanders said “and, want to know that whatever I offer to help people with snoring is going to help them. It’s not just about selling products, for me. It’s about educating people who are searching for relief about the reasons for a product, why we selected that one and what the pros and cons of each product are. It’s important that people know if there are side effects that they may find uncomfortable and what they should expect from any product.”

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