Side Socket Multi-Swivel Plug & Surge Protector Available Now

Side Socket is a multi-swivel plug that has been featured on television across the United States and Canada. Find out why this As Seen on TV product has become popular and what customers are saying about this product.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/22/2013 -- Side Socket is a revolutionary multi-swivel plug which has been featured on television across the United States and Canada. Unlike most multi-plugs the Side Socket provides the same convenience of traditional multi-plugs however it features a 90 degree swivel head which allows cords to be easily reached when they need to be accessed behind furniture or appliances and also a space saver since the plugs are not directly sticking out of an outlet but can be redirected to the side.

"I found the Side Socket 90 Degree Swivel Plug to be so use in our living room since I was able to easily plug in our television, lamps, CD player, blue ray, game system, speakers and other electronics into the same outlet and push the entertainment stand flush against the wall. I've used the other Side Socket in our home office where all our office equipment is plugged into it such as the computer, speakers, printer and fax machine. It keeps all my cables organized and also protects all my expensive electronics during a storm. Compared to other multi plugs and power bars I found this to be the best option because it offers more convenience at a better price" -Rick Ross

It can be used anywhere in the home such as kitchen counters to create more space, organizing entertainment devices in living rooms, electronics in the office, garages and workshops, basements, bathrooms and virtually anywhere. Cleaning becomes easier since it eliminates having to navigate around a mess of cords on the floor since Side Socket keeps floors elevated which is safer and hassle free.

Side Socket is light and portable and designed to conveniently turn two outlets into six. And since it provides rotating sockets it can allow easy access to plugging or unplugging electronics or devices easily without the frustration. It also creates more space in rooms by adding inches since furniture and appliances are no longer pushed forward due to plugs sticking directly out of outlets. Side Socket allows to push furniture flush against the wall for more spacious living. It includes an optional surge protector so that electronics are protected from a sudden surge of electricity which can damage expensive electronics and devices.

"After seeing the commercial for Side Socket and going through the many Side Socket reviews online I decided to place an order. I found this product be well designed, durable and best of all it only costs a fraction of other multi-plugs on the market. It was definitely more useful than I had anticipated and I'm usually not keen on as seen on TV products either. Great for keeping my electronics organized and easily accessible, vacuuming is easier and I can get my furniture flush against the wall. I also use it on my kitchen counter-top for all our small kitchen appliances to be plugged in at once and it also frees up more space. I would recommend it to anyone!" -Jamie Lyn

This device has become featured on television across the country because of it's convenience than most multi plug outlets and power bars on the market and sold at an affordable price. Create more space, eliminate clutter, protect your electronics and devices, save money, access cords easier without the hassle of moving furniture with the Side Socket 90 degree swiveling outlet.

Power strips and other outlets can cost up to hundreds of dollars however don't provide the same convenience as the Side Socket Multi-Swivel Plug. Currently it is being sold at specific sites such as MallOver Shopping for only $10.99 plus $7.95 shipping and handling. An bonus Side Socket will be included for an additional $7.95 shipping and handling. Orders include a 30 day money-back guarantee (minus shipping and handling charges).

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