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Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/19/2012 -- Parenting in the modern world comes with many challenges in view of ever-increasing expenditures. When it comes to Single Parenthood, life poses bigger challenges than one can imagine. There are many Single Mothers around who have been spending their lives struggling hard to cope up with the fear of running out on finances to meet the family needs. Day-to-day expenses, educational costs of the kids, and meeting healthcare needs altogether pose great hardships in the lives of single parents.

In order to seek respite from this overwhelming burden, there are various central, federal, and state government programs for single parents that can be taken advantage of. These measures of help are readily available. All one needs to do is to know the right place to look and ask for help. In order to help single parents, especially single moms, with needful help to chase their career dreams, there are many programs available. These programs vastly help single moms with providing needful assistance for job applications, resume writing, and grooming to master interview skills. Many universities offer grants and Financial Assistance for Single Mothers to pursue higher education.

There are various measures of Government Assistance for Single Mothers. In order to provide them help to cope with medical expenses, they can benefit from Participation for Prescription Assistance Plan. An application needs to be submitted based on the need and qualification of the parent. There are various drug programs that can provide the single moms with needful help to avail medicines at discounted prices. This helps them to save money and reduce the overall cost of medical expenses.

There are also various ways to find Assistance for Single Mothers. Many government owned institutions offer help for the same. In order to provide single moms with educational help, FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) can help determine the need of their finances. Government has shown its support to help the single parents in hardships in variety of ways. In order to help single moms with assistance in food bill, the WIC program offers the needful help. Another federal program called Medicaid can help single parents with needful help to meet the medical expenses. It also provides help to single parents to cope with the costs of eye testing, hospital expenditure, dental treatments, and prescription medications.

There are special programs to help disabled single moms. Based on the disability, they can seek assistance for daycare and financial help too. Life is a no less than a struggle for every singe mom. It is important to put best step forward by availing the right assistance program. Single moms should act wise and do a bit of research to arrive at the most suitable program. With needful assistance by the side, life of a single mom can be eased to a good extent.

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