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Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/30/2012 -- Being a self-sufficient single mother can be a daunting task. Meeting the ever-rising demands of daily life all alone requires a good deal of courage. Being a single parent requires a person to multi-task all the time which can be quite frustrating at times in view of limited finances. Without the help of a partner, life can be very bothersome. Fortunately, there are measures of help that single mothers can take advantage of.

There are a wide variety of programs that offer Government Assistance for Single Mothers. Both Federal and State government have programs that intend to lend a helping hand to single mothers in need. From providing basic necessities of life to imparting quality education, there are measures of help for every single mother who needs it. For single mothers who have kids less than five years of age can take advantage from WIC program. The mothers, who qualify, get access to foods high in nutrient contents. Foods like cheese, milk, peanut butter, eggs, and cereals are provided to single mothers in this program.

Providing secure shelter to the family is one of the biggest challenges in the life of a single mother. There are a variety of government programs that offer mortgage and Rental Assistance for Single Mothers. Loans at reduced interest rates are also available for single mothers who belong to low income group. There are programs that facilitate option of less amount of down payment for single mothers who cannot afford to pay huge amount as earnest money.

There are a number of single mothers who are not able to work because of their inability to afford daycare. They can opt for Daycare Assistance for Single Mothers that can solve their problem. Besides this, there are a good number of Single mothers Assistance Programs that can help single mothers seek quality education and further their studies. Single mothers who wish to chase their career dreams can benefit from these programs. There is provision of scholarships too for eligible candidates as well.

Many single mothers get stuck in the middle of divorce proceedings due to financial constraints. In order to help such single mothers, there are measures of Legal Help for Single Mothers. Besides the above, there is medical care assistance for single parents to help them raise healthy children. This comes in the form of medical insurance, covering the immunization expense; help with prescription medications in case of illness, and emergency care. Many single mothers fall short of funds to meet up the heating expenses in cold winter months. Energy assistance for heating can help them get through with this problem.

There is no dearth of measures of help for single mothers. All they need to do is look around and seek the needful help well in time. Reaching out for the right assistance program can save them from daily frustration.

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