Skinception Stop Grow Review - Hair Growth Inhibitor - Body Hair Reduction at Follicular Cell Activity


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/08/2013 -- Skinception Stop Grow system utilizes the latest development in inhibiting hair growth, proven in clinical studies to help the males reduce body hair up to 69% and reducing leg shaving in women to up to 82%. Its scientific formulation is directed at germinating cells within the hair follicles, interrupting their anagen or growth phase to prevent unwanted body hair.

A long-term solution created by Skinception, Stop Grow contains natural compounds and active ingredients that get body hair at the roots, reduce future growth, and work on all pigments and thickness in specific areas where it is applied. Males target hair growth in the arms, neck, back, shoulders, feet, and buttocks, while females often rid themselves of unwanted hairon the upper lip, underarms, bikini line, and legs.

Decelerine, found in Stop Grow, contains a plant derivative of lauric acid as its primary hair-suppressing ingredient. In human clinical trials conducted by European researchers, it was shown to reduce the frequency of shaving or depilation by females on the legs by up to 82%, in the groin area by up to 70%, and in the armpits by up to 50%.

Telocapil, another active ingredient, is effective in reducing the amount of body hair as well as in impairing its quality. A scientific study involving 15 participants revealed less body hair in 93% of the volunteers, decrease in overall hirsuteness by 60%, lower anagen/telogen ratio by 59%, and diminishing thickness of body hair by almost 30%, after two months.

Pilisoft, from Gymnema Sylvestre leaves extract, inhibits activity within the hair follicle and slows down hair growth. As a proven ingredient, its clinical test showed it can inhibit the body’s hair follicles by 69%.

Unwanted growth disappears with regular application of Stop Grow. Its overall effect is thinner body hair,decrease in hair length, and sporadic as well as slower hair growth, enabling males and females to cut down on regular shaving and waxing.

It is safe to use as it is made from natural ingredients and contains no harsh chemicals. Gentler than depilatory creams, it can be applied to the face and other sensitive parts of the body.

While users of Stop Grow notice a reduction in body hair in the first 4 weeks the recommended usage is 90 days for best results, until one no longer needs to wax or shave.

Bodybuilder Jay Cutler, four-time winner of Mr. Olympia, noted the effect of Stop Grow on body hair, transforming and reducing it until the texture becomes almost baby-fine. “This is a really revolutionary product that actually changes the texture and appearance of body hair, reducing the amount of hair growth and transforming hair to nearly invisible and superfine,” related Cutler.

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