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The acai berry is known as a superfruit and adds anti-oxidants, fiber and omega 3, 6 and omega 9 fatty acids for brain health.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/25/2012 -- The expert health website Slimmer's Expert has created a new assortment of products and information on its website to focus on the amazing benefits of the Acai Berry. Many people have heard of Acai Berry juice, but most do not know that the acai berry is available in tablet form which is easier to store and take on a daily basis. The tablets can be more easily added to a daily schedule and combined with other solutions.

What is acai berry? Acai berry comes from the rainforest of the Amazon in South America and was responsible for providing amazing health benefits to the local tribes. When it was discovered that there was an international market for this kind of superfood, holistic companies were created which empower the local tribes and help them have jobs and prosper while exporting the acai berry to people around the world who can also benefit. Some of the benefits include many vitamins, anti-oxidants, omega 3 fatty acids for brain power, fiber and the fact that it is a completely natural fruit-based solution that has absolutely no chemicals, genetics or fertilizers added in the process of growth. In short, the acai berry is the superfruit of the South American rainforest.

Slimmer's Expert has also created a natural detox plan which helps the body get rid of toxins while adding the awesome ingredients of the acai berry. According to the experts at Slimmer's Expert, "the acai berry is still unknown to many people. One of the great benefits of the acai berry is the ability to detox with an all natural and safe superfruit. Detox gets rid of toxins in the body. Why get rid of toxins? Because toxins in the body force the body to retain water and add weight to dilute the toxins. Much of overweight problems and obesity issues are caused by toxins built up.

Tanveer Quraishi of Slimmer's Expert says that "In the Western diet much of the food is grown with petroleum-based fertilizers and other chemicals which leave a slight residue in the actual food and are then added to the human body that consumes the food. Over time, non-organic foods, fast foods and junk foods, as well as excessive sugars, sodas, candy, fried foods and general bad habits like not drinking enough water will lead to real problems with the body retaining toxins. At that point the body has to also retain water and add weight to dilute the toxins. The only solution is to apply a detox approach and the acai berry detox approaches are recommended by nutritionists because the acai berry is natural and has superfood benefits."

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