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Available US grants make it possible for average Americans to jump start a business.


Seattle, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/28/2013 -- The small to medium business sector saw continuous growth in the past few years and the government is now focusing on them as a key driver for the US economy. Almost half of the US population are currently employed by small businesses, which translates to more or less 100 million individuals.

The small business landscape is seen to be one of the major job generators of the country, as almost 500,000 new businesses are starting each month. This improving landscape of small scale business is further complemented by the millions of grants that the US government has allocated to assist its citizens in building their own businesses.

These grants are specifically dedicated to individuals and families belonging to the low to middle class members of the American community. Funding for small businesses is reported to hit roughly two million dollars each year. This is part of the almost hundreds of billions od dollars worth of different grants offered by the US government annually.

"One of the important truths that an average American citizen needs to know is that there are several grant mechanisms available to assist in achieving personal business plans. We have so many brilliant ideas, but unfortunately, not all of us are able to finance these ideas," said Kelly Carter of the The Grants Guide.

Carter has been consolidating resources so people can access these government grants for their start-up businesses. Applying for grants will not only assist in starting up a business, but it will also greatly help sustain the business. Only 25 percent of small businesses are able to sustain their operations up to 15 years.

"Getting an easy $5000 grant is already more than enough to jump start a business, and the good news is this amount of assistance money is available. The only constraint is knowing where to look for grants," Carter said.

Application for small business grants is relatively easy, now. One of the major requirements is a business proposal. Aside from this, the funding source may also have other specific eligibility criteria to fund the business.

A comprehensive discussion on these requirements and other grant resources are available on

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