Small Businesses Left Baffled by Credit Card Machine Changes

Credit card machines have seen dramatic technological advances in the past few years. New website helps small business owners make sense of the changes and choose the right credit card machine for their business.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/26/2012 -- The past few years have brought about incredible changes to the credit card processing industry. First, we saw the introduction the Square application and card reader which made it possible for merchants to accept credit cards on their mobile phones. Then we saw touch-and-go credit card processing take off. Now, technology-forward companies like Google are coming out with mobile payment systems that allow customers to pay just by tapping their mobile phones to a credit card machine.

For small retailers, these changes in the world of credit card processing can be very confusing. A new website,, has recently launched with the goal of helping small business owners adapt to the changing industry.

According to the industry experts at Credit Card Machines For Small Businesses, “The fees associated with accepting credit cards are costly for small businesses. However, given the predominance of credit and debit transactions, small businesses can’t afford not to accept credit cards. Businesses which inform themselves on credit card machine trends will have an easier time adapting to industry changes and ultimately save money by choosing the right technology.”

In addition to providing small businesses with information about industry trends, such as mobile credit card readers and Google Wallet, the website also provides practical advice for buying and using credit card machines. The weekly posts delve into topics like the differences between types of credit card machine printers, tips for avoiding card scanning errors, and credit card machine security.

“Credit card machines are an integral part of any successful business, so business owners need to take the buying decision seriously. Our goal is to help small business owners understand their options so the transaction process goes smoothly.”

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