Small Businesses Lose Customers Due to Long Hold Times; Telephone Systems Can Help

Small business owners can benefit from telephone systems. New website helps businesses navigate through options so they don’t overpay.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/21/2012 -- Small businesses devote a vast portion of their marketing budgets to get customers to call. Yet, when these customers do call, about 70% of them will be put on hold. Customers are not patient when it comes to hold, especially when it is a “silent” hold with no information: more than half of them will likely hang up within the first minute of hold.

Every caller which hangs up represents potential revenue lost. Thus, it is clear from these statistics that small businesses need to put more efforts into caller retention, such as by implementing telephone systems.

According to the experts behind the newly-launched website Telephone Systems For Small Business, “Advanced telephone systems with features like CRM and customized auto attendant options used to be available only to large corporations. Now, there are numerous service providers which focus exclusively on meeting the telephone system needs of small businesses while remaining in their budgets.”

One of the reasons why telephone systems have become so economical is because of internet accessibility. Cloud hosting allows telephone systems to be managed easily online all while delivering advanced features, such as conference calling and even business mobile phone usage. These hosted telephone systems not only improve the caller experience, but also enable small businesses to manage remote workers effectively.

While advanced telephone systems may now be budget-friendly for small businesses, they can still pose other problems. Telephone Systems For Small Business says that many small business owners are confused by their options and often end up paying for features they do not really need, have problems with equipment, or difficulties implementing the phone system. The website addresses issues in weekly articles designed to help small business owners through the process of choosing and using phone systems.

“There is no question that small businesses need to implement phone systems. The technology is now readily available and cheap, but it is completely useless if the business chooses the wrong solution or does not know how to use it properly.”

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