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Smart Box Launches to Simplify Day Trading Strategies is a free-to-register website that enables traders to see live trading signals from some of the best automated trading systems in the world.


Century City, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/23/2012 -- The markets for trading are highly volatile, characterized mostly by price fluctuations. While an increase in market volatility can open up better and more trading opportunities, precautions will have to be taken. Moreover, with the markets constantly evolving with new cyclical patterns, chart and price patterns and sentiment patterns emerging over time, trading can prove to be a highly challenging task.

TradeFollowr is a new service that involves the gathering together of some of the very best automated day trading strategies and intraday trading techniques in the world, and putting the information directly in the hands of the public. At, users can switch between automated trading systems with a single click and have instant access to full trading stats in order to determine the best intraday trading systems for their style.

It is also common knowledge that many automated trading systems, or "black boxes" have a high degree of opaqueness surrounding them which requires users to take a "leap of faith" based on historical stats. In addition, most black box systems also require the user to purchase or lease expensive software to even test a trading system.

TradeFollowr provides an answer to the challenge. By allowing users to easily watch and follow any trading system as it generates live trade results for free, enabling them to "try before they buy". With TradeFollowr, the process happens seamlessly and without the need to install any software or configure codes on their computers. is designed with a unique, user-friendly interface that takes very complicated day trading strategies for stocks and swing trading systems and makes them extremely simple for both the novice and seasoned traders to use and follow. The membership allows users to try out new trading systems, interact with developers through the simulation trading feature and share trading ideas over Twitter - all in real time

To know more about the latest and best of day trading and intraday trading techniques, please visit for information and register for free.