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How Snoring Damages Relationships and Marriages

Does Sleep Apnea Impact on Relationships?


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/07/2014 -- Loud snoring is one of the causes of trouble in people’s marital relationships. It affects the quality of sleep of the partner, not to mention their marital satisfaction. The Sleep Disorders Center at Rush University Medical Center has conducted a study where they have evaluated how a partner’s sleep apnea affects the overall quality of life. Dr. Rosalind Cartwright, PhD, founder of the center, said, “This is a frequent problem within marriages that nobody is paying enough attention to. Couples who struggle with sleep apnea have a high divorce rate.”

Ten couples, in which the men were affected by sleep apnea were evaluated. A questionnaire was given to them that asked about their sleep issues, marital satisfaction and the quality of their lives. After completing this survey, the couples were asked to sleep in a controlled environment for a period of two weeks. The results showed that obstructive sleep apnea and loud snoring was actually affecting their lives. The couples were getting less sleep, so there was a lot of strain on the marriage; there was tension between them and they couldn’t discuss important issues even during the day. There were some wives who wanted to sleep alone. The tension was apparent and couples were fighting all the time. More details about this study can be read at

Some statistics

A survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation revealed alarming data.

- 23% of spouses admitted to sleeping separately.
- 8% were forced to change their sleep schedules.
- 38% revealed that their partner’s loud snoring was causing damage to their relationships.
- 27% revealed that their intimacy was affected.

It is a huge problem, so what is the best way to combat it? Going for surgical options means lots of expense and then there are the side effects associated with them, which can become permanent. There are a lot of over the counter products that can be bought to treat snoring in a natural way.

Sleep Solutions 101 has introduced three anti snoring devices:

- The Breathe Easy Mouthpiece
- The Snore Stopper Infrared Watch
- The Snore Stopper Nose Clip

The Breathe Easy Mouthpiece helps expand the airway and prohibits the tongue from falling back into the throat. It also keeps the jawline forwards. Made from supple silica, it is easy to wear. At $129 this device is high grade.

The Snore Stopper Infrared Watch subtly encourages a change of sleeping position. This device detects when snoring is about to occur and stimulates the person to change their sleep position by sending low intensity electrical impulses, that only last for four seconds, through the skin of the wearer. This is available for $79.

The Snore Stopper Nose Clip is for those who have a blockage in their nasal passages. It is for mild snorers. The nose clip is placed in the nostrils where it holds them wide apart and helps increase the airways. This nose clip is available at $25.

All these devices come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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