Social and Consumer Press Releases

New President at Assistance League of Greater Portland

Assistance League of Greater Portland announced that Carol Bray was installed as the President on May 15th. She leads a nonprofit community service organization with 120 member volunteers."I am humbled by the amazing amount of volunteer service women are willing to give to help others," spoke Bray. "In our fiftieth anniversary year, Assistance League of Greater Portland member volunteers donated 46,828 service hours, representing over a million dollars worth of service in Washington, Multnomah, and Clackamas Counties."

The 2015 Well Experience Singles Conference Will Feature Pastor Keion D. Henderson, Dr. Jasmin "Jazz" Sculark, Earnest Pugh, Grace, and More

The LightHouse Church is pleased to announce its Inaugural #inthewait singles experience titled 'The Well Experience 2015.' This event is tailored to help single adults develop a new perspective through Kingdom principles and practical life skills. Current, new, and perspective members of this group are encouraged to attend the conference on June 19th.

Bold Website Breaks the Taboo over Talking About How to Stop Breaking Wind

Everyone does it occasionally. Children giggle about it, and most adults find it embarrassing, especially when it happens at the wrong time. "It" is passing gas, and even though it may seem natural and harmless, it can be uncomfortable and humiliating. The average adult passes gas in some manner as many as 20 times a day. But, according to Bryan Phillips of How To Stop, gas does not need to be the annoyance and embarrassment it often is today. The people behind the website have begun a coast to coast campaign to help reduce the taboo of openly discussing a natural bodily function that, with the right education, can be better controlled.

NAACP Former Interim CEO & President Speaks Openly About Racism in America

Canadian documentary producer Anthony Bérubé publishes his documentary "Through Africa Eyes" at Vimeo - Video On Demand.

Pavel Makhnatch & Lesha Limonov Start Kickstarter Campaign to Create Levsha Designer Diary

LogoLevsha Designer Diary is ideally suited for people that consider time to be the most precious possession of their life. In today's hectic lifestyle, it is only possible to accomplish more goals in life by proper structuring of work schedule. The head of a creative thinker is always full of new ideas, goals, and thoughts. With too many ideas, it becomes important to transfer them to a place that is safe and easily accessible. This creates space for new ideas to generate.

Rogan Family Care Announces New Nanny Vacancies

Rogan Family Care releases the latest list of nanny vacancies for those looking for a career in this field. Vacancies are open for those who are energetic and experienced career nannies, professional school aged nannies, and more. Workers in this industry find the listings to be of great assistance in finding the perfect job for their needs and families love the vacancy listings also, as they can find the professional best suited for their children.

Broadview Homes Sponsors XL103.1 FM's Act of Kindness

Broadview Homes is once again sponsoring the Act of Kindness in the Calgary area. The Act of Kindness is intended to recognize and give back to people who selflessly help others and take part in making the communities stronger.

Jesus Sees Us: A New Jesus Doll, Just in Time for Easter

Jesus Sees Us was conceived by two mothers of preschool children; Maureen Longua Bueltmann and Kelly McCourt. Both mothers were struggling with the same challenge; how to introduce their young children to their Faith in an engaging and relatable way.

Zinta Inspired Language to Host Charity Event in Support of Domestic Violence Victims and Their Families

LogoZinta, a language learning center in Wichita, Kan., formerly known as Spanish Horizons, is pleased to announce their upcoming charity event, Dancing for a Brighter Future. The event will begin Friday, March 13, with dinner at Playa Azul in Oldtown between 7–8 p.m., followed by salsa dance lessons at Oeno's in Oldtown from 9-10 p.m. A DJ will continue to play music the remainder of the night.

Moderndomicile to Offer Assistance to Victims of the Avalon Cove Fire in Edgewater

Interior design firm and online retailer ModernDomicile has announced a program to assist individuals and families affected by a devastating fire that has impacted their community.

Mother & Daughter Duo Pen Empowering Children's Books, Sharing Bold Messages of Faith, Love and Self-Esteem

While most eight year-olds come home from school, thrown down their bags and have no intention of picking up a pen until the next dreaded day in school, Florida's Ayla Bell moonlights as an author for fellow children. But it's not something her parents see as unconventional. In fact, Ayla's mother, Guilaine, is also an author – and the two have struck a unique partnership to publish empowering books for children.

KickStarter Crowdfunding Campaign Launched to Help Fund Denmark's First Lost-and-Found Website:

Chris Wenlock is a father, social activist and website developer and has taken on the mission to develop Denmark's first lost-and-found website:, which he believes is an arduous feat, but one that has to be taken on to fill a void worsened by a new Danish lost-and-found law. The regulations, which were altered and a new law put into effect in 2013, enables police to freely destroy, and no longer obliged to store, any item they consider to be of a lesser value than 500 Danish kroner (ca. $90). To counter this situation, Chris has been working on a Danish and an English version of a lost and found website, which he requires further funding for.

Thairssfeed Launched New Trendy Hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair

Over the past couple of decades, the men folk have shown an increasing tendency to care for how they look. They have started investing on getting a good look by shelling out hundreds and thousands of dollars on their garments, hair and skin. As a matter of fact, a recently revelation has stated that men spend over thousands of dollars on their hair annually.

AGF Announces Qualifier Schedule for 2015 Blue and Purple Belt BJJ Invitational

The American Grappling Federation, a leading organizer of submission grappling arts competitions, announced a schedule of five qualifiers for the group's 2015 Blue and Purple Belt Brazilian jiu jitsu invitational tournament. Taking place in Little Rock, Ark.; Lafayette, La.; Tulsa, Okla.; and Dallas and Houston, Texas, during March and April, the five individual BJJ tournaments will allow division winners and runners-up to compete for $8,000 in prizes to be awarded at the Blue and Purple Belt Invitational tournament to be held May 16 of this year in Dallas. The American Grappling Federation is one of the country's fastest-growing and most respected organizers of tournaments for the grappling arts, having received a number of awards and distinctions for its work.

The Greatest Story Never Told: New Book Uncovers Compelling Interpretation of Bible That Could End Middle East Violence & Unite Humanity

Through all military strategy, public funding and harrowing loss of life – violence in the Middle East ultimately boils down to religious discord. While geopolitics and the world-at-large is at loggerheads about to how to end the conflict, one U.S. man's own explorations of faith could provide the answer.

Heartnapped: A Bold Alpha Male, Deep-Seated Damsel & Interracial Mafia Love Collide, as Jessica Lane Continues Hallmark of Crafting Raw & Gritty Fiction

While romantic fiction has always remained a staple of the literary landscape, both readers and critics are crying out for wholly unique new narratives that don't succumb to recycling of the 'same old' concepts. Thankfully, Texan Jessica Lane is stepping up to the plate with gusto, throwing her genre's stereotypes out of the window and replacing them with authentic, grassroots realism.

The Green Flash: Compelling Period Novel, Hidden in Family Trunk for 55 Years, Proves Bold Power of Nature's Miracles

In the late 1950s, while part of a scientific mission to investigate a large uninhabited coral reef off the coast of Cozumel, Dr. Glenn Cosh and his team would climb to the top of a local lighthouse at the same time each evening, to witness what they coined "the green flash". This brief but awe-inspiring green blip, occurring just after the sun went down and coinciding with the evening roost of local seabirds, couldn't be explained – but it was a miracle of nature that would change Cosh's life.

As Nation Dies Under Cocktail of Prescription Drugs, New Book Exposes Simple Alternative, Leading to Health, Vitality & Longevity

There is no way to hide from the facts; the United States ranks #42 for global longevity (source: CIA World Factbook). America's Healthcare System, including prescription drugs, is the Third Leading Cause of Death, (source: Journal of the American Medical Association) and the diet of millions is causing chronic and often irreparable illness at an alarming rate.

Frankie Russo, the Overnight Sensation on 77 WABC Talk Radio in New York City Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

LogoWhen Frankie Russo took to the airwaves across the greater New York City metropolitan area nearly one year ago, little did he know what kind of popular uproar would ensue. Thanks to legendary 77 WABC AM's 50,000 watts of broadcasting power, listeners in over a dozen states can tune in and hear the unvarnished, informed opinion of a passionate American. Frankie Russo's listeners are cut from the same cloth leading to an hour of engaging talk radio every Friday Night (technically Saturday) from 1 AM to 2 AM Eastern Standard Time.

Emmanuel K. David Launches Video of How He Transformed $40k Debts Into a 6 Figure Income in 12 Months

The story of Emmanuel K. David is one that brings joy to those who are in need of good news. For anyone struggling with debt and a minimum wage income, his story represents a beacon of hope. The uniqueness with his story is that it comes with a director's commentary- a step by step guide of how he managed to go from debt to profit through his online business. He is now sharing this story on his website which also gives practical tips and online marketing skills to help those who want to launch their online business. He is now sharing his life story online via a newly released video to inspire people to use his techniques for themselves. Releases Additional Information Concerning Vibrator Use recently released information concerning the use of sex toys in the bedroom. Many associate the use of a vibrator with a break between relationships, yet men and women find sex toys of the type help the relationship in a variety of ways. Oblivion Personal Products agrees with the article published at and hopes individuals wanting to learn more about their products and how they enhance one's sexual experience will read the article to see these benefits.

Forever in Glass to Showcase Its Cremation Jewelry at Upcoming Funeral Industry Show

LogoAward winning New England glass cremation jewelry designer Henry C. Duquette, Owner of Forever in Glass, will be showcasing his entire line of handcrafted glass cremation keepsakes at the upcoming IOGR 56th Conference & Supplier Showcase in Orlando, Florida, on April 22 – 25.

Communicating Brands Using Visual Content: Why Keeping the Pace with the Technological Advancements Is Essential

LogoThe great changes on how people communicate using their mobile devices become more apparent especially when the Global Language Monitor has awarded a symbol as the 'Most Used Word' in 2014, which is the emoji heart. And having a symbol to be awarded with a title could be surprising; yet, this is a clear proof that the new digital formats that Millenials are exposed with will continuously alter the way people communicate as technology keeps on developing.

New Christian Social Network Offers Better Choice Than Facebook

LogoMy Space for Grace is a new social network, which has a similar look as Facebook but is a whole lot better when you get inside. It officially launched on February 1, 2015 and will give Christians their very own platform to connect. With the launch of this social network; churches, believers of Christ and socially conscious individuals will have an opportunity to connect with family & friends, churches and people everywhere.

Moving & Educating Kids Overseas: How One Mom Helped Her Child Thrive Available on Amazon

LogoMoving & Educating Kids Overseas: How One Mom Helped Her Child THRIVE by Elizabeth Ballard examines what it takes to make an international move with children, with a focus on helping them continue their education overseas as well as assimilate, make friends, and learn the language. The book is now available on Amazon at

Cougarswoo Has Announced the Launch of Their Brand New Mobile Dating Service

LogoWomen looking for younger men for fun, friendship, and love have been using a leading dating site called Cougarswoo. The online dating site, which has become so successful in bringing cougars and cubs together, the people behind the dating site have made it available for mobile devices.

'Get Teens Empowered' Will Provide Encouragement and Motivation

Christina has a vision and a plan for helping teenagers all over the country. The project is called "Get Teens Empowered" and the goal is to educate, motivate and encourage the next generation.