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Free Child ID App to Assist Law Enforcement when a Child Goes Missing

Liv & Leo, Inc., a San Diego based company owned by a mom of three, who created ‘SmartKidsID’ wearable child Id products (SmartKidsID Shop) urges parents to get the FREE Child Id App called 'SmartKidsID'. The App is available in the Apple iTunes Store for iPhones and Google Play Store for Android devices.

Australia's Premier Laundry Becomes Lifetime Member of B1G1; Supports Reforestation Efforts in South America

Australia's premier eco-friendly modern cloth nappy washing service, Lavenderia, has recently adopted over 3,000 trees for one year in South America. As a lifetime member of B1G1, a Singapore-based worldwide platform for business charity opportunities, Lavenderia Group ensures that with every client transaction, parts of the proceeds will go to the B1G1 movement that they sponsor. The group is giving back to the environment by impacting tree reforestation projects for a more sustainable earth for years to come. Lavenderia is dubbed as one of Australia's most sustainable laundry and provider of the greenest nappy solutions available in the market today. The company is also an offset company.

Why QR Codes Can Save a Child's Life

LogoSurely we all have seen these little funky black and white squares called “QR Codes”. Invented in 1994 by Denso Wave QR Codes have now by far expanded their original use by the automotive industry. They are used on Real Estate signs, product packaging, on business cards, and so much more. But have you ever really figured the true sense of it and what this little square is capable of?

Bobby Rio's and Rob Judge Launched Their Latest Dating Guide 'Unlock Her Legs'

Online survey shows that a lot of men find it difficult to score the girl of their dreams. According to relationship experts, this is due to low confidence and poor communication. It was pointed out that in order to get a girl’s attention, guys must first know how women want to be treated. Learning the female psychology is the right way to women’s heart. With so many relationship books available in the market it can get quiet confusing to choose the right one. Guys who are facing problems in picking a girl can check out the new e-book Unlock Her Legs.

Love Spark Offering International Dating Service

Love Spark is providing international dating service to its members and helping them find their perfect match as per their preferences. The website carefully selects profiles of women in order to help men find a sincere and honest match. It allows men to select beautiful women from Russia and help women to marry a perfect life partner.

Bath Letters and Numbers Get High Regards from Buyers in Amazon

Many parents and caregivers today aim to give their children enjoyable toys that benefit their learning tremendously. It’s quite difficult to search for one, but the 36-piece foam bath letters and numbers with a bath mesh toy organizer is surely a great choice.

California Ministry Turns to Crowdfunding for Support

Joshua Smith, Executive Director of Third World Church Development Ministries, is a traditional evangelist who is engaging in some non-traditional strategies to support the work of his organization. Offers Unique Services to Run Background Check on Russian Women Before Dating Them is a leading dating fraud protection website that helps people stay safe during the process of choosing their dating partner. The site now provides unique services that assist people in checking the background of the Russian woman they plan to date and thus verify their identity.

The Science of Growing Great Cannabis - 420 College

In the wake of U.S. House voting to defund DEA medical marijuana raids in MMJ states, medicinal marijuana has become an even a hotter topic, especially in California. However, as legalization and decriminalization continues to spread across the nation, headlines and concerns frequently focus on the business end… rightfully so, but what about the actual product?

Employment Directory for Ex-Offenders Can Pay Big Dividends

Scott McIlvaine firmly believes that everyone deserves a second chance. Especially those who have been incarcerated.

New Travel Mug Brews Coffee on the Go with 100% Biodegradable Filters

The new Hey Joe coffee mug is a battery powered thermos that brews coffee on the go. Featuring multiple temperature settings, a customer can also use this mug to regulate the warmth of their coffee or heat it up in a matter of minutes.

Penguin Method Dating Guide by Samantha Sanderson Introduces a Controversial Loophole to Chemically Alter a Man's Brain

Samantha Sanderson has come up with a dating guide called “The Penguin Method”. It is one of the top dating formulas to hit the market in recent times. The formula claims to render women with complete magnate over their men in terms of their relationship. Women need to know how to score themselves only with the best type of men and the honest to goodness special men that they really demand and look for. It is a wonderful dating program that provides women with an amazing opportunity to get into a relationship.

Baby Monitor Proves Its Benefits to Critics

The real benefit of baby audio and/or video monitor is something that has been subjected to much debate. "What most parents do not understand is the way baby monitor works is like an insurance. It seems useless to be paying so much for a policy and the real usefulness can only be enjoyed when something awful happened and the policy is activated," says Gloria. Instead of cursing the little use their baby monitors have, parents who have not been alerted by their baby monitor device should be thankful as it means their baby nursing had been a smooth sailing. Certain baby monitors are able to detect any slight abdominal movement in a baby and raise an alert when abnormal pattern is detected. Such device has turned out to be a life saving device to some parents. Learn more about the basics of baby monitor and how one can identify the one that is right for ones need at LovingMomsDiary.Com.

Alex Carter Shares with Women How to Capture Men's Interest Through His E-Book Make Him Desire You

Relationship experts pointed out that majority of women suffer from relationship problems because they do not understand what their men want. There have been many books published to help women win back their man’s affection; however, not many books are as reliable as they are advertised. Recently, a new book called Make Him Desire You was published, which aims to help women in understanding the male psychology. With the book already downloaded by thousands of readers, it has also got enough positive reviews proving that it can help women in maintaining a healthy relationship.

Michael Fiore's Text Your Ex Back Climbs to Number 1 Spot in Relationship Books

According to online marketing experts, products based on relationship advices seem to be doing pretty well in the market. The recent success of Text Your Ex Back by Michael Fiore shows that people are easily attracted to books that helps them in solving their relationship problems. A recent survey that compared different relationship books rated Text Your Ex Back as no. 1 based on customer satisfaction, refund rate, total number of sales, and popularity.

Freddie Sebbie Kick Mat Car Seat Protectors Outlawed Scuff Marks & Dirty Footprints

The recently released kick mats are made to a very high-standard, which gives them a super-long life, according to Neil Speight, co-founder of Freddie and Sebbie, a child product company based in Las Vegas.

Signature Little Ones: Clothier, Gift Maker to the Entertainment World's Babies, Toddlers, Children

Signature Little Ones has reached the stars as celebrities from around the world now own the small business’ personalized gifts for little ones.

Bath Letters, Numbers and Toy Organizer by Freddie and Sebbie Is Available on Amazon

Freddie and Sebbie, known for giving the ideal to both parent and kid, has yet again come out with another of their “highest standards in quality, safety and reliability” - the brand new Bath Letters & Numbers with Bath Toy Organizer.

A Special-Report Has Been Filed Regarding the Anasazi-Foundation's Arizona Enrollment-Agreement Qualifications for Boulder-Creek-Academy Troubled-Teens Program

LogoHeal Online has just made the announcement that they have a filing of a special report which is regarding the Anasazi packet parameters from the Anasazi Foundation's Arizona enrollment agreement qualifications for their Boulder-Creek-Academy Troubled-Teens Program.

The New QR-Code Child ID - a Transformation of Technology Into Child Safety

LogoEither a child gets lost in a public place or needs special treatment in case of a medical emergency – it’s a parents’ worst fear not being able to protect a child in a situation like this!

Jeanette Brooks & Adam Green Report the Latest Juicy Details on Bankruptcy Trade Secrets Behind Professional Watchdog Companies Like Yurika-Foods & the-Phoenix-Cookie

LogoJeanette Brooks and the G3 CFO, Adam Green are pleased to reports the latest juicy details regarding the bankruptcy trade serets behind professional watchdog companies, like Yurika-Foods and The-Phoenix-Cookie.

Martin Brooks & Adam Green Discloses Final Findings of Insider Probe Proving Innocence for Companies Like Pure De-Lite Chocolate, the-Phoenix-Cookie and Yurika-Foods

LogoMartin Brooks and the G3 Bankruptcy Fraud Investigator, Adam Green, are pleased to disclose the final findings of an insider probe, which proves innocence and also documents debt payoff for notable companies like Pure De-Lite Chocolate, The-Phoenix-Cookie and Yurika-Foods.

Michael Egleton Offers Support for Autism Speaks

LogoWhen Michael Egleton's grandson was born with autism, the entire family worked tirelessly to create a normal, healthy life for the child. Today, Michael Egleton's grandson is 12 and living a happy, productive life thanks to his family's support and organizations like Autism Speaks, found on the web at

Los Angeles Matchmakers Are Revolutionizing the Dating Scene

The dating scene has seen many changes in the past few years, and more and more LA residents are now coming to terms with the idea of hiring a professional matchmaker on their quest of finding true love. Many singles are realizing the wonderful benefits that are associated with hiring a matchmaker to find their ideal partner, but there are still many people in the dark when it comes to professional matchmaking and dating services. Los Angeles Singles wants to help local residents understand it’s okay to need help in the love department—there are many benefits associated with utilizing their services.

Murrysville Matchmakers Reveal the Truth About Relationship Advice

Murrysville matchmakers from Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service help locals understand the truth about dating and relationships—putting an end to dating misconceptions!

Westwood Matchmaking Service Is Helping Singles Beat the Dating Odds

Thousands of busy singles in Los Angeles know how challenging it is to meet someone special. Between social lives, busy work schedules, and the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s not always easy to carve out an hour to date. Even if they’re able to carve out some time from their overwhelming schedules, it can be challenging, to say the least, when it comes to meeting eligible singles who are looking for a lasting relationship.

Project Sanctuary Joins R4 Alliance to Better Serve Our Veterans

LogoProject Sanctuary proudly announces its status as a founding member of R4 Alliance, a membership of Programs of Excellence providing community and therapeutic recreation service to Our Military Family (U.S. service members, veterans, and their families), joining forces to overcome barriers in our industry.