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Australia's Premier Laundry Becomes Lifetime Member of B1G1; Supports Reforestation Efforts in South America

Australia's premier eco-friendly modern cloth nappy washing service, Lavenderia, has recently adopted over 3,000 trees for one year in South America. As a lifetime member of B1G1, a Singapore-based worldwide platform for business charity opportunities, Lavenderia Group ensures that with every client transaction, parts of the proceeds will go to the B1G1 movement that they sponsor. The group is giving back to the environment by impacting tree reforestation projects for a more sustainable earth for years to come. Lavenderia is dubbed as one of Australia's most sustainable laundry and provider of the greenest nappy solutions available in the market today. The company is also an offset company.

Ulterior Motive Sets the Stage as an Ideal Choice for Gifts to Men This Holiday Season

There's something really special about giving a man a gift of a sharp accessory like a tie, a wallet or even a pocket square, especially for the holidays. It speaks to tradition, certainly, but when the accessory comes from a company like Sweden's Ulterior Motive, it can also point forward to the new and fresh in the same breath. Ulterior Motive has recently announced some of their products that will be featured in their holiday line, and as always, the men's accessories are being met with warm enthusiasm.

Get My Mom a Job on CBS News: In Support of Arizona Mothers

CBS5AZ News and Get My Mom a Job, announce an event scheduled for May 29th, 2014 for Single Mothers and Jobs in Arizona.

With a Child Reported Missing Every 40 Seconds, Parents Look Towards GPS Tracking Devices for Kids

The Huffington Post recently shared certain surprising statistics on safety of children in the U.S., one of which being that a child is reported missing every 40 seconds. Many parents might think that they are well informed on their child’s location at all times and will never lose track of their own kids, however the publication on the blog also shared that nearly 90% of parents will experience losing a child in a public place at least once.

DEALCODEHUB.COM Provides the Most Extensive Online Coupon Code Resource for Smart Online Shoppers

LogoDealCodeHub.Com is a website that was established to provide savvy online shoppers with a resource providing the most extensive inventory of accurate and valid coupon codes available in one place. “We created DealCodeHub.Com because we felt that there was a serious need for an online coupon and promo code resource that was constantly updated with the newest and most extensive promo codes available. For example, in the past, if a consumer wanted to look for an active code for iStockPhoto PromoCodes they would enter in their search term and then visit a list of websites that popped up. They would then have to search through a dozen websites in order to find a valid code. We eliminate that wasted time, because when a consumer visits DealCodeHub.Com they can quickly find any active coupon code and they know that it is going to be valid,” explained Erin White of DealCodeHub.Com.

Increase Energy, Libido Levels, and Motivation Noticeable with the Best Testosterone Booster

LogoTalking about men’s health, the hormone testosterone plays an important role. Basically, it maintains the muscle mass, bone density and sex drive for starters. In early adulthood, testosterone production is at its highest and eventually drops a little each year after.

While Alive Paul H. Dunn Offered Whoopers to My-Study-Room Advocates for a Mormon-Curtain Déjà Vu Society Manuscript

LogoPaul H. Dunn began his dedicated full-time service to the LDS Church in 1952 as a respected seminary teacher in Los Angeles. On April 6, 1964, then church president, David O. McKay, asked Dunn to become a general authority. While in this position, Dunn was also the president of the church's expanding New England Mission. Paul Harold Dunn (April 24, 1924 – January 9, 1998) was a loved general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). Dunn was widely considered one of the most dynamic speakers among the general authorities of the LDS Church during the 1970s and 1980’s. Dunn compared his stories to parables — although they were not true stories, they were nevertheless valuable means of teaching gospel principles. In 1991, Dunn stated that he had, "not always been accurate" in his speeches and writings. When confronted with evidence that some of his stories were embellished, Dunn admitted that the stories were not completely true: About G3 Development G3 Development is set out to proactively serve the business community by providing solutions in entrepreneurialism, business development, social media and venture capitalism. To provide leadership in establishing strength with our client’s international businesses, being built on a foundation of innovation, advocacy, technology and business integrity 1-877-229-9183

Pregnancy Miracle Review by PRHealth Reveals How Hopelessly Infertile Women Can Get Pregnant Naturally

This guidebook claims to render natural fertility treatment alternatives that help women get pregnant naturally. Pregnancy Miracle provides quality of life which improves infertility problems in women for the rest of their lives. It makes women with troubles in their reproductive organs conceive.

New Social Networking Site Launched is now up and running at for anyone to check out and join up. VSN is a new social networking platform fully compatible with all mobile devices, laptops and PC's and offering multiple features and apps at one site.

Text Your Ex Back Review by Rebates-Hut Examining Michael Fiore's Text System Released

Text Your Ex Back by Michael Fiore gives new hope to men and women suffering through the pain of a breakup. A recent Text Your Ex Back review released by Derek Maak of reveals the inner workings of the program that teaches individuals how to take advantage of cell phone technology to reunite with an ex girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband one tiny text message at a time.

HRTTreatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans Announces New Testosterone Testing Kits, Combining Doctor Consultation with the Ease of Home Testosterone Testing

LogoWith low testosterone being linked to such illnesses as cardiovascular disease and now Parkinson’s disease, aging men across the country are clamoring for an effective and inexpensive way to test testosterone levels. Beginning in their mid-twenties, men experience a decline of testosterone by up to 2 percent annually until death. This is commonly referred to as andropause, or sometimes referred to as male menopause. Andropause is a result of low testosterone levels throughout the body with symptoms including a decrease in muscle strength and endurance, a lack of energy and motivation, a noticeable decrease in sex drive, and less frequent or strong erections.

New Site to Offer Valuable Advice on Selecting Double Strollers

Babies are a blessing to many, and their initial years require that lots of care and attention be provided to them. Baby strollers help make this easier, and due diligence has to be exercised in their purchase.

Sons of Arizona's Charity Golf Tournament Raises Money for Newborns in Critical Condition

LogoRecently, Printing Solutions had the privilege of creating signs for a charity golf tournament organized by the Sons of Arizona to benefit Scottsdale Healthcare’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Michelle King Robson, Founder of EmpowHER to Join Jamie Relei on the Be Well Bites Radio Program in Honor of National Women's Health Week

LogoBe Well Bites: Nourish Your Body, Nourish Your Soul Talk Radio Program, hosted by Jamie Relei, announces a special guest appearance on by Michelle King Robson, Founder of EmpowHER on Wednesday, May 14th at 11 AM PST in celebration of National Women’s Health Week.

Two Time Grammy Producer Carvin Haggins Calls out Urban Radio for Explicit Lyrics on Playlist

Carvin Haggins 2 time Grammy Winner best known for working with the biggest names in the music industry such as, Musiq SoulChild, Raheem Devaughn, Justin Timberlake and Chrisette Michele, Chris Brown and more. Haggins has had enough of the over-sexed, murderous, drug dealing being emphasized in music over the air waves. Now Offering Discounted Prices Through June 2014

LogoPsychics have been advising world leaders for centuries. Business men and women are constantly calling psychics for advice when faced with a tough decision or at a crossroads in life. As a company dedicated to helping their clients get helpful answers, providing them with honesty and concern, is pleased to announce their special savings throughout the months of May and June. As a trusted psychic hotline, the company regularly charges $4.99 per minute. Through May, receive 30 percent off with a rate of $3.50 per minute. As June arrives, save 20 percent with a rate of $3.99 per minute.

Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever Ebook Review by Rebates-Hut - Exposing Real Secrets to Getting Inside a Man's Heart Forever

“Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever” program that teaches how woman can attract men that they want. There are many women who want to meet the man of their dreams but are not aware of the simple steps that they can do to make sure that the man they want will fall in love with them.

Inflatable Bounce House Provider Hop N Party Announces Educational Safety Campaign

Inflatable bounce house and party rental provider Hop N Party announced the start of a new educational campaign focusing on safety issues. The company, one of the largest of its sort in the Austin area, seeks to inform consumers about the issues surrounding the safe setup and usage of increasingly popular bounce houses and similar inflatable amusements. Its latest campaign is a natural outgrowth of the company's deep commitment to accident avoidance and safety.

Ideal Baby & Kids Announces Full Line of Fine Italian Peg Perego Products

LogoIdeal Baby & Kids has announced that it is now offering a full line of Peg Perego products. A spokesperson for the Southern Florida-based baby- and child-product retailer said it is especially excited about this line since Peg Perego is well known both in its home country of Italy and abroad for only bringing top-quality products to market.

Unemployment Rate Tumbles - Trucking Companies Are Hiring Now

LogoPeople do not constantly want to be looking for a job. Most people do need gainful employment though since one does require an income in order to survive. Those with a commercial drivers license just might be best primed to land employment when searching for a job. The reason is trucking jobs are growing in abundance. In fact, the number of jobs added to the economy has helped, in part, to bring down the current jobless rate in the United States.

Founder Matt Lanning Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Raise $50,000 for Red Eye Rides

LogoThe idea for Red Eye Rides was born among 3 friends with a passion for having fun, but also for saving lives. A night out having a few drinks with friends should never end with someone spending a night in jail with a DUI, or worse...someone losing their life.

Free Online Classified Ads: A Fast, Simple and Easy Way to Get the Word Out is an online hub for people who wish to sell, buy or simple advertise their business or product online within their area. The website is not limited for people to a limited geographical area; people from all over the world can choose to put up a free classified ad on the website. Free Classified Ad website similar to offer people the opportunity to reach out to a larger number audience as compared to the conventional methods of getting the word out through business advertising, product ads or an offer.

Young Parents Shy Away from Life Insurance, Says Life Ant

Life Ant, a company that offers life insurance quotes and information about the industry, has just posted a new article to its website,, that examines why most new parents do not have enough life insurance. Titled “New Mothers are Severely Lacking Life Insurance Coverage,” the founders of Life Ant conducted a survey to see just how common this problem is with young parents.

New Jersey Matchmakers Review the Benefits of a Dating Coach

The thought of dating and meeting new people is an ever frustrating and intimidating thought for many local singles. They are flooded with multiple choices on the internet and in their daily lives—many are social and even attractive—but making real life connections can still be a challenge for them. So why is it that with all the abilities to make easy connections do they find it difficult to make a good impression and ask someone out on a date? Local matchmakers know it could be in part due to technology. In this modern age, everyone is used to communicating via technology and sometimes face to face connections feel awkward—almost like good old fashioned courting has gone right out the window.

Online Dating Site Relaunches as

LogoAscension Web Solutions LLC relaunched their pioneering interracial dating site, formerly known as BlindCupids, this month under a new brand: The new site will continue to serve the interracial dating community with contemporary features like video profiles and social media tools.

MosquitoFree Puts the Battle Against Bites in Your Hands

MosquitoFree International has just launched a crowd funding campaign which puts the fight against biting insects back in our hands. Supporters of the campaign will be the first to receive the very powerful MightyMini, take anywhere solar powered, child and environmentally safe biting insect trap.

Gynecomastia Treatment Guide Launches Its New and Educational Website

Gynecomastia Treatment Guide, a website that features in-depth reviews and information about gynecomastia treatment options that are designed to help men get rid of their “man boobs,” has just launched its new and user-friendly site. Matt Harper, an independent journalist who founded the new website, has one key goal in mind: to objectively compare different gynecomastia treatments and explain how to get rid of man boobs fast.