Social and Consumer Press Releases

The 2015 Well Experience Singles Conference Will Feature Pastor Keion D. Henderson, Dr. Jasmin "Jazz" Sculark, Earnest Pugh, Grace, and More

The LightHouse Church is pleased to announce its Inaugural #inthewait singles experience titled 'The Well Experience 2015.' This event is tailored to help single adults develop a new perspective through Kingdom principles and practical life skills. Current, new, and perspective members of this group are encouraged to attend the conference on June 19th.

National Wedding Council Issues Security Bulletin to Protect Couples from Unprofessional Wedding Vendors

According to statistics recorded last year, average wedding costs have risen to an excess of $31k. To that end, the National Wedding Council has issued a security bulletin designed to protect consumers from wedding vendors who undermine the industry. Widely-recognized as the watchdog for wedding vendor practices, the council's bulletin outlines seven ways engaged couples can preserve the integrity of their wedding day. Topping the list are practical insights on how to actively avoid unscrupulous suppliers. Speaking to the future, the report also underscores wedding trends for 2016.

Paul Chehade - Summaries of World Religions

The world's principal religions and spiritual traditions may be classified into a small number of major groups, although this is by no means a uniform practice. In world cultures, there have traditionally been many different groupings of religious belief. I don't wish to turn you away from your religious beliefs or traditions. I see all religions as part of human history Paul Chehade.

"Words for Kids - Fun Spelling Game for 1-2 Year Olds" Launched to an Enthusiastic Response

LogoFinding fun ways to encourage toddlers and small children to practice spelling is often a high priority for parents. After all, the sooner they begin to enjoy spelling the quicker their overall development will be. Fortunately, there's new interesting ways to making spelling fun. Enter developers In Universal, who recently announced the release of "Words For Kids – Fun Spelling Game for 1-2 Year Olds." The safe, fun, educational app game has been met with a quick excited response from happy families who just can't get enough of "Words For Kids."

Small Business Owners & Lawyers Help Revive Small Town in Maryland

There is something quaint and familial about walking down the main street of a small town. The lack of chain restaurants and shopping malls, the slower paced lifestyle, and the neighborly greeting that you can't find in a big city all hold great appeal. However, when the economy dips or job opportunities dry up, this can be detrimental to Small Town U.S.A.

Bestselling Christian Author to Teach All-Day Seminar in San Jose, CA

LogoBestselling Christian author and conference speaker, owner of Worldwide Publishing Group and author of too many books to mention here, will present his popular all-day seminar in San Jose, CA on Saturday, January 31st, from 8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., at Gateway City Church, 5883 Eden Park Place, San Jose, CA 95138.

Best Walking Shoes for Women Showcases Correct Footwear for Serious Walkers

A recent article on the medical website "" entitled "Walking shoes: Features and fit that keep you moving" featured information on why these shoes are so important. The fitness writers at the Mayo Clinic report, "Walking shoes were created for a certain function and to be fit correctly onto the foot. Every walking shoe is built in a different way. Before making a purchase, prospective wearers should be familiar with several brands and styles."

My Amber Teething Necklace Publishes New Review of New Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

Teething can be one of the most painful experiences of a child's young life, and they have no problem expressing their discomfort, which means this can also be one of the most stressful periods of being a mother to a young child. Fortunately many remedies exist to help ease the pain of teething, though most of these only focus on distracting children. My Amber Teething Necklace explores alternative medicine and energetic healing for young children and has published a new review of the Baltic Amber teething necklace, a jewelry item for mothers that children can wear to sooth teething pains.

Paul Carrick Brunson, the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) TV Star, to Be Honored as Coach of the Year

Highly-acclaimed television host, syndicated columnist, best-selling author and professional matchmaker Paul Carrick Brunson will be honored as the Coach of the Year during the 2015 Black Life Coaches Business Strategy Summit. The two-day event, which will be held March 20-22 at the Gaylord National Harbor and Convention Center located at 201 Waterfront Street, National Harbor, Maryland.

Children Who Witness Domestic Violence Are More Likely to Practice Violence Themselves

LogoDomestic violence seems to be increasingly more prevalent in the United States, with reports of celebrities like Ray Rice and Chris Brown striking their significant others raising discussions about the effects of domestic violence on society, and those most vulnerable in society: children.

Instagram Likes Enhances Life and Makes Enormous Opportunities for Everyone

Nowadays, everyone needs fame and wants to be famous. They find every possible way to do publicity of the skills that can make them famous. One of the most effective as well as efficient way is the social media. It has the potential of making someone as a celebrity as well as it has got the power to make a person's image as a villain. The wise use of social media is needed and Instagram likes is one of the strongest ways to enhance one's life in a short span of time.

Connie Fuller Unleashes the Diva in New Book

LogoMost people think that being a diva is all about wearing the best fashion brands and staying prim all the time then, author Connie Fuller has something really special to share 'Being a diva- the secret to successful women and work from home jobs' is one her latest books that truly inspires the hustler in every woman. It is a short and fascinating story about a woman who always wanted to work for herself and found some amazing ways of making big bucks without compromising on her dreams to become rich and powerful.

The Tao of Badass Scam Publishes New Feature on Star Dating Coach Joshua Pellicer

Dating is a subject that occupies a large portion of all single people's thoughts, and demands a lot of energy to engage in. Although dating has a range of skills attached to it, the majority of the population don't understand how to attract the other. Fortunately for those people there are no shortage of online dating guides that claim to be able to help them develop coping strategies, build confidence and ultimately succeed in the realm of seduction. The Tao Of Badass Scam ( helps people identify the best of these guides, and has just published a profile on dating coach Joshua Pellicer (

Employment News Today Offers Extensive Information on Job Opportunities for Those Who Have Cleared the 12th Examination

Employment News Today has bestowed upon employment seekers reasons aplenty to rejoice. The online job portal has enabled thousands of unemployed youths and those seeking a career shift in realizing their goal and leading a successful and productive life. It has garnered reverence and acclaim for offering reliable, relevant and updated information regarding various job vacancies in local, state and center governments from time to time.

Living in the Moment: Bite-Sized New Guide Urges Readers to Observe 'Day of Mindfulness' – 100% Devoted to Personal Wellbeing & Happiness

Milan Bakrania is blunt in his assessment; most people rush around between past regrets, future dreams and rarely – if ever – exist in the here and now.

Lebanese Medical Program for Children in Dire Need of Funding

Every child is entitled to live a normal, healthy life but all too often that's not the case for youngsters in low-income families.

"I Will Make You Click" - Online Dating Secrets Revealed

What's in the Book? Why so many people fail at online dating and how to make it work.

Innovative Detox Reports: Women and Alcohol an Addictive Mix

LogoThe recent, tragic alcohol-related death of Cuban-America actress Elizabeth Peña, one of the stars of ABC's Modern Family, shines a bright light onto the fast-increasing rate of alcoholism among women in America, according to Las Vegas-based Innovative Detox.

Designer Autumn Teneyl at Yoga Journal LIVE San Francisco, CA

For over a decade Autumn Teneyl Designs [ATD] has been a part of the world famous Yoga Journal LIVE Conference held at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco. The designer will be on hand to present her latest line in the Sangha Exhibit Hall. The Yoga Journal LIVE Yoga Market is free and open to the public every day in the Sangha Exhibit Space.

Unifying Equation LLC Introduces New and Unique Spiritual Pendant That Unifies Everything, a New Symbol for God

Unifying Equation LLC is pleased to announce the official worldwide launch of its new spiritual jewelry, designed in form of a beautiful pendant, "A New Symbol for God" that unifies all things and all people for all of existence. Through this pendant, Unifying Equation team wants to begin a movement, to share a message of unifying all humans of any faith and connecting those who do not partake in organized religion.

Alex Carter's New eBook Make Him Desire You Released

Every woman in the world knows the frustration of loving a man with all their heart but knowing that the same man does not love them back. It is cruel, heartbreaking and painful when one spends their entire time thinking about someone and there is no response from the other party. Women try their best it is commonly known that if a man is not interested, no amount of hard work can deter his decision.

9th Annual Calling All Males Youth Conference to Be Held on January 24, 2015

LogoUUNIK Academy's 9th annual Calling all males youth conference is going to be held on January 24, 2015 at the Beck Cultural Center (Knoxville, TN) from 9 AM to 2 PM. The objective of the event is to help in resolving the issue of black boys.  The goal of the UNNIK's event is to reach out to at least 30 boys, aged nine to 15, in Knoxville and surrounding areas. During the conference the team will connect with the participants with local professional men, who will facilitate the workshops. Topics for this year's event include 'The Art of Self Defense/ Let's Get Fit,' 'Know Your Rights,' 'Boys to Men,' and 'Teen Talk: What's On Your Mind.'

New Book Tees off World's First System to Rank & Compare Golfers from Different Eras, in Effort to Uncover the 'All-Time Greatest' Player

While golf is a game strewn with strict rules and regulations, the currently-adopted method of ranking golfers is seriously flawed. As an example, current systems reward a player for winning a minor event over and above a player finishing second in an elite competition. While few know the name Steven Eck, he is about to score a hole-in-one for the future of golf with the release of his truly groundbreaking 'Eck Ranking System' that finally provides an objective and quantitative way to rank golfers from the 1930s to today.

Award-Winning Memoir Chronicles Author's Seemingly-Impossible 212-Mile Run of John Muir Trail; Daring Readers to "Step Into Their Own Greatness"

Like thousands of others, Josh Mathe had twice tried to hike the John Muir Trail, and spectacularly failed. But as a renowned fitness expert, nutritionist and endurance athlete, Mathe was determined to quash his self-imposed limitations and try the 212-mile epic feat one more time……by running it.

Divorced Marriage Counselor Launches Kickstarter Project to Publish a Book That Cracks the Code on Relationships

LogoThis husband and ex-wife team has written a book that delivers a whole new perspective on relationships never seen before. This daring new book on relationships shows readers how to improve existing relationships or find lifelong love in the age of social media. As we spend more time communicating with friends, family, co-workers and even total strangers online more than other medium, the need is clear for the new rules of engagement in our modern digital landscape.

The Practical Guide to Figuring Yourself out by Patricia Honiotes Is the Ultimate Guide to Living a Fulfilling and Happy Life

LogoPat will be offering an interactive workshop as an introduction to the book on Saturday, January 31, 2015 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The registration fee for the event is $49.97 and includes a light lunch. One can register on the Harmony in Phoenix website and pay via PayPal.

David Simmons Released His Book: What's the Worst That Could Happen

LogoSince the coalition led by David Cameron and George Osborne took office in 2010, its progress have been marked by a deterioration in standards of living and an absence of achievements. There were warnings of the threat that 'massive' government debt could hold for Britain. There was the promise of "no more pointless top-down reorganisations" of the NHS. There was the emphatic need to cut the government's debt. And there was a drive to overhaul welfare benefits.