Social and Consumer Press Releases

Slippers for Seniors Nonprofit Launches with a Crowdfunding Campaign

Working on the principle that small acts of kindness produce big dividends, Slippers For Seniors has launched a crowdfunding project. The nonprofit's goal is to provide a pair of slippers to every Senior living in an assisted living and nursing home in the United States. In hopes of raising $20,000 for the purchase of slippers and the formation of the organization, the effort is now underway at CauseVox.

Exciting Crowd Funding Campaign Lunches Energy Saving Projects for Residents

The international economics report has recently confirmed that fact of the matter that an increasing number of people are earning good money with the help of the crowd funding. It has become one of the prominent sources of income especially for selling products and projects.

Exclusive $100 Discount for Non-Member Admission to the Black Life Coaches Business Strategy Summit 2015: Offered Only Through December

Black Life Coaches Network, the number-one life coaching and professional development resource for the black community, is offering exclusive, heavily discounted tickets to non-members only for its first Black Life Coaches Business Strategy Summit, to be held in Washington D.C. March 20-22.

Black Life Coaches Business Strategy Summit 2015 Kicks off March 20

Black Life Coaches Network, the number-one life coaching and professional development resource for the black community, invites business owners in the field of personal and professional coaching, counseling, and management consulting, to Washington D.C. for the 2015 Black Life Coaches Business Strategy Summit. The event will be held March 20-22 at the Gaylord National Harbor and Convention Center located at 201 Waterfront Street, National Harbor, Maryland 20745.

Photographer Takes Summer Journey to Tell the Story of America

Photos tell a story of the past. People look at photos from times that have long passed and wonder about the people and places that are captured in the delicate paper. Since Joseph Niepce took the first photograph in 1827, there have been a few photographers that have captured audiences imaginations with a simple photo. Perhaps Ansel Adams for some or Diane Arbus or Edward Weston but with her Kickstarter campaign only a few days old Marissa Turner will soon be added to that list.

New Parenting Programs in Greater Area of Danbury in 2015 by Renowned Family Coach

LogoRenowned family coach Soribel Martinez is all set to introduce new parenting programs in greater Danbury area from the early part of 2015. Details related to the same were confirmed by Soribel Martinez in a small press meet here today. The four week parenting program would be offered online as well as live in person and is meant for parents, grandparents, faster and adoptive parents, aunts, older brothers and sisters, teachers or any other adult directly or indirectly related to the child's development and guidance. The program will help attendees in understanding the right ways to actively involved in the child's life.

Projects Abroad Jamaica Is Building Safe, Sanitary Toilets for Jamaican School Children

In Jamaica, there are extremely wealthy people and also a large segment of poverty-stricken families. On the northern coast, where tourists come to visit, Jamaicans live in first-rate housing, have access to fine shops and imported goods, and enjoy a high standard of living.

The Family Solution Is the Ultimate Experience to Strengthen Family Bonds, Find Cohesion, and Put a Family Back on Trackthrough a Unique Family Strengthening Experience

Many family units suffer drastically from problems, turmoil, misunderstandings and lack of cohesion. Struggling families are common in the modern world. The generation gap seems to be ever widening. Lack of trust and adaptation to each other leads to a broken family unit, hurtful decisions, and painful regrets.

7 Billion Ebola Cases Projected by May 2016 Prepper Experts Release Ebola Survival Guide in Response to News

The mainstream news about Ebola can be frightening enough, but what if their were more details barely hidden underneath the surface? That's the premise of a recent post at the popular website Hot Prepper Supplies, well known for its honest and penetrating look at recent news. The post takes a look at the mathematics of Ebola and how it spreads, along with suppressed quotes from leading experts on the disease, coming to the shocking conclusion that by May 2016, there are likely to be 7 billion cases of Ebola world-wide. In an effort to provide actionable help to those readers who may have to face off against this crisis, a complete Ebola Survival Guide with tips and suggestions is also included.

Language of Desire Book Helping Women Bring the Spark Back in Their Relationships

Language Of Desire a new multimedia training program from relationship expert Felicity Keith has just been released to the public, generating a frenzied buzz of excitement throughout the women's dating and relationship advice community. The commotion surrounding the program's launch has caught the attention of's Sean Roman, prompting an investigative review of the training.

Catherine Colle Announces Launch of Glamour Nutrition, a Brand New Line of Women's Supplements

Catherine Colle is pleased to announce the global launch of Midway International Labs' latest brand for women, "Glamour Nutrition." It is a revolutionary new line of supplements, specially formulated for women featuring a wide variety of products meant for weight loss, hair, nails and skin. The products comprise of innovative, safe, natural and ultra-concentrated beautifying FDA approved ingredients, which deliver optimum result within a short period of time.

FundWok Announces Official Launch

FundWok has announced the official launch of their exciting new platform that uniquely infuses crowdfunding with the premise of online social community. After two months of private beta testing, FundWok is now available to the public.

Pheromone Sense Effectively Heightens Appeal with Launch of Pheromone Sprays for Men

Recent surveys reveal 40 percent of men admit to having difficulties when it comes to finding a companion. Age, race, social status and financial standing appear to have very little, if any, bearing in these findings. Although countless self-help programs lend guidance in these regards, the majority of the men questioned state most of the techniques suggested in these agendas are highly ineffective and offer insufficient confidence with which to back up such strategies.

Khush-Boo Is Raising Funds on Indiegogo to Bring Chemical-Free Baby Fragrances to Market

Multiple studies have proven that most makers of popular perfume, colognes and body sprays do not disclose hazardous ingredients in their products. Khush-Boo offers a safe alternative to the parents who want to introduce fragrances to their babies and toddlers without risking their health.

Libbi Gorr Makes Rare Gold Coast Appearance

LogoLibbi will be on the Gold Coast to celebrate WeightLoss Solutions Australia's (WLSA) contribution to the local community to achieve weight loss and better health in 2014.

MarryAnNRI Launches Android App to Make Indian Life Partner Search Easier for Android Users

MarryAnNRI (, a leader in NRI matrimonial match-making, announced the release of the MarryAnNRI Indian matrimony app for Android devices, providing android users a powerful tool to stay on top of their matrimony search.

Advanced Live Chat Software by Provides a New Face to Businesses recently introduced its new software that allows users to instantly get live chat service on their websites. makes it easy for business owners to carry on live conversations with potential customers who visit their websites. They can chat with customers just like they would when sending a text message to friends.

Specialized Physiotherapy Services Offered for Women at NDPE

LogoMichelle Collins, principal physiotherapist at Northern Districts Physiotherapy Eastwood, announced that the premiere practice offers a full range of physiotherapy services specifically designed for women and expectant mothers. Therapies address the changing and evolving needs of patients throughout each trimester of pregnancy and every stage of life.

Voices of Dissent Radio Show Aims to Give the American People the Facts Without the Spin

Americans' have lost confidence in all three branches of the U.S government. In The Supreme Court, only about 30% of Americans' were confident in their abilities, for Congress about 7% and The Presidency reached record lows of around 29%. Many American's feel their voices are not being heard and serious issues that affects them is being positively spun. Men and women are fed up of not hearing the truth, all they want is to bring back true American values, while at the same time hearing the truth about what is happening in their own country and issues that affects the nation. A program called 'Voices of Dissent' has taken to the air waves to shine a spotlight on the many ways the United States Government has failed the American people. As well as bringing important stories that concentrate on facts rather than spin, they are also giving back the American people their voice.

Best Running Shoes for Women Launches Latest Review in Light of Upward Running Trend

Figures from the Center for Health and Sciences reveal running at a pace of 10.9 mph can burn more than 1,200 calories per hour for an adult of average height and weight, landing this exercise at the top of their list of the most effective calorie burning activities. In fact, varying speeds and forms of running make up almost half this list. As knowledge of the health and weight loss benefits of running becomes increasingly widespread, the number of women taking part in this activity also remains on an upward trend.

Unique and United Creates Beautiful Custom Wedding Jewelry for Gay Couples

LogoWhen it comes to wedding, one has to be sure that they are buying the best pieces of jewelry. The reason for doing so is that the pieces of jewelry which people purchase for their wedding ceremony becomes the reason for their lifelong bond. it is always more than just another piece of jewelry as it denotes the bond of love. Presents Its Platform Offering Dating Tips to Men and Women

The concept of dating has undergone changes in recent years with issues surfacing now and then for both the partners. Previously, it was women dating men of similar age or a bit older as per mutual preferences. With the increase in people constantly seeking adventure, spark and profit in relationships, both the genders have explored new ways for a fun ride. is a free blog which gives free advice to men who want to date older women. It offers many free cougar dating tips where two individuals are fulfilling each other's desire based on convenience.

More Women in Manufacturing Challenges Industry

The current issue of Manufacturers' Pain Points newsletter explained that Women in Manufacturing is a 500-member-strong national organization dedicated to the attraction, retention, and advancement of women who are pursuing or have chosen a career in the manufacturing industry.

Enterprise Skills Management (ESM) – A Cutting Edge Business Solution from It's Your Skills

Logo3D Talent Services has launched Enterprise Skills Management under the It's Your Skills suite of skills related apps.

UK's Leading Online Marketer Shaqir Hussyin Reveals 5 Little Known Secrets to Online Business Success from His Celebrated Sold-out Traffic Millionaires Summit

Website traffic expert Shaqir Hussyin, founder of and one of the highest paid experts in the home business industry, reports the latest on what's working now on the 5 little known secrets to online business success most will never know.

Research Anyone Celebrates 10 Years in Business with Site-Wide Update and New Offer

Data is increasingly driving the 21st century, and the age of Big Data is officially upon us according to industry experts like IBM. It is no surprise then that data is being collected about all of us and can be accessed for a small fee. Even less surprising is that employers frequently make use of these services to screen potential employees. Research Anyone is an online resource that has a huge database including criminal records, phone records, driving records, court reports and more on millions of individuals. After ten years in business, the website has performed a massive update of all its databases, and is currently offering lifetime membership for just $19.95.

Parents of Two Blind Children with Severe Autism Seek Funding Help Through

LogoLou Anne and her husband Craig have two blind sons named Ciaran and Geordie with severe autism. Caring for the boys creates a highly stressful life; there is no external support whatsoever. They have decided to home school their autistic sons due to school bullying and inappropriate discipline received from professionals entrusted to care for them. The couple is severely sleep deprived; this has caused extreme stress, fatigue and serious health complications. Unfortunately, Craig and Lou Anne cannot afford necessary, costly treatments and medications for themselves after paying for the biomedical interventions and high grade supplements they provide for their sons - which still fall short of offering relief from the physical pain that accompanies their severe autistic symptoms.