Social and Consumer Press Releases

Plastic Surgeon Richard J. Brown Taking Team to Barbells for Boobs at Crossfit Blur in Scottsdale

Richard J. Brown and his office staff, along with friends and family are participating in Barbells for Boobs. On October 4th, the ‘Dr. Brown’s Recon Mission’ team will gather at Crossfit Blur in Scottsdale. Each team member will perform athletic exercises in support of early detection of breast cancer.

Bill to Allocate Federal Lands for Hunting and Shooting Activities - Will the Senate Finally Approve It?

In the last few years, the proposal by the bipartisan party to allocate federal lands to hunting and shooting activities has been jolting around Congress and a number of proposals were geared towards allowing people to utilize the thousands of acres of land run by the federal government.

The Savvy Mommy Kicks off Launch with Make-a-Wish Fundraiser

The Savvy Mommy is kicking off their launch with a campaign focused on raising money for Make-A-Wish® International and Make-A-Wish® Australia. Designed as Mother's Day gifts, the purchase of these shirts also supports a great cause.

Make Local: Made-in-USA Hybrid 3D Print and California Design SME Hub Crowdfunding Ends 8:30am May 1

LogoSyncFab.Com KickStarter Campaign for a Custom Design, 3D Printing and Hybrid Specialty Fabrication service platform will end 8:30am May 1, 2014. The campaign was launched as a precursor to the intended Beta service release for self-employed designers, engineers, students and small businesses.

Psychic Reading - Way to Know the Unknown Truth and to Receive Spiritual Benefits

Intuition is a capability to obtain information devoid of inference. The term intuition originates from Latin word ‘intueri’ that is usually interpreted so as to look inside or to envision. Intuition is hence usually created as a type of internal perception, often seen as actual lucidity or comprehension. There are great variety of intuition cases, however the process through which they occur usually remain unidentified to the thinker, in contrary to one’s view of logical thinking.

LA Film Production Company Launches Crowd Funding Campaign to Fund the 875k Production of Their Feature Film That Will Commemorate 100 Years of the Armenian Genocide

LogoFlawless Production Inc. is currently running a campaign on the popular crowd funding site IndieGOGO to fund the production of their feature film 'Armenia; My Country, My Mother , My Love". Backers will receive a number of rewards depending on their contribution; including limited edition DVDs, exclusive screenings, tickets to the LA premiere and even Producer credits.

Skin Care for Men Explained Reveals the Secret to Amazing Skin

Global Industry Analysts estimates the male grooming industry will see sales of $33 billion or more by the year 2015, thanks to an increased interest on the part of males when it comes to grooming and appearance. Other factors fueling this growth include a growing middle class and product innovation. "Anyone interested in learning more about male grooming and skin care need look no further than Skin Care For Men Explained (", John Donaldson, site spokesperson, declares.

Douglas Ginter and Mark Weis, MD Pull Back the Curtain on Men's Sexual Health, Reveal Secrets to Improved Quality of Life in Groundbreaking New Book

Logo"Total Male: Save Your Life by Taking Charge of Your Sexual Health" offers simple and effective treatment advice for the sexual health issues that men experience most. Co-authored by leading health and wellness writing team Douglas Ginter and Mark Weis, MD, this eye-opening new book is currently available on Amazon. The book now available at Barnes & Noble.

Cookware One Launches to Provide Comprehensive Guide to Best Cookware Deals Online

Cookware is essential to any home, as it frees individuals and families from being chained to the microwave and allows them to delve into a wider world of culinary delights. High quality cookware can be a lifetime investment however, so it is important that the purchase is undertaken seriously. Cookware One is a site created to ensure that its users only need buy cookware once, and regularly reviews stainless steel cookware sets to provide consumers with the means to make informed decisions.

Maryam Rajavi Calls on West to Make Contingent Their Relations with the Mullahs' Regime to the Issue of Human Rights

LogoOn Saturday, April 12, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, called on the international community, especially the Western governments, to make contingent their relations with the mullahs’ regime to the human rights situation in Iran, especially the abolishment of executions, cessation of torture and suppression, and respect for freedom of expression by this regime.

The Reasons Making Spain Leader for IVF Treatment Are Revealed

LogoThe advancement of fertility treatments led the way to new engineering that is being continually incorporated in IVF. Spain doesn't just seem to be competent in terms of technical advances and high success rates, the nation also supplies affordable IVF treatment compared to UK and other developed nations. Based on recent UK newspapers one of the primary purposes why a lot of couples are searching for fertility treatment abroad is due to anonymous egg donation. Many UK couples have made the decision to visit Spain because Spanish laws and regulations give greater opportunities for couples who seek to be treated with IVF.

NutriPretty Debuts as First Weight Loss Product Embraced by Fashionistas

First-of-its-kind weight loss supplement does double duty – helps users lose weight effectively and maintain glamorous style & sophistication.

NutriPretty Debuts as First Weight Loss Product Embraced by Fashionistas

First-of-its-kind weight loss supplement does double duty – helps users lose weight effectively and maintain glamorous style & sophistication.

Dog Experts Warn Public of Doggie Treats from Abroad

LogoMany animal experts in the United States are becoming highly alarmed as more doggie treats are making its way in the country. According to various sources, some doggie treats that were imported in the United States are questionable especially when it comes to how those doggie treats were made and what kind of ingredient were used in making them. Many imported dog treats were reported to be harmful to dogs that even the FDA got involved and warned the public about them. Aside from that, dog experts also encourage people to make sure that the doggie treat that they are buying are gluten free. Gluten is a kind of protein which is derived from what and other related grains such as rye and barley. Some doggie treat manufacturers add it to their products in order to claim that their product has protein. Gluten is very toxic to animals especially to dogs.

The World's First in-Depth Book on Social Skills Finally Released

LogoAchievement in modern times doesn’t come through brute strength, privileged educational opportunities or titles. Success depends upon forming positive relationships with the people in life.

New Freddie and Sebbie Springtime Blanket Gets Rave Reviews

Freddie & Sebbie has released a new it newest springtime outdoor blanket. With its waterproof backing, luxury soft leather carrying handle, chequered style large blanket, very easy to fold, and guaranteed to keep users clean and dry, this seems the be perfect beach, travel, picnic blanket, which comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The Venus Factor Review Released by TheHealthDiaries Unveils the Hype Behind the Advertisement

Many women would like to get into shape effectively and this is why The Venus Factor was created. Venus Factor is actually a program that says that it can transform the body of a woman into an hourglass figure. The weight loss system takes a much newer approach compared to the traditional weight loss programs. It is more focused on the shoulders and its core workouts involve building muscles. However, it does so while burning unwanted fats, which are why it is one of the most, talked about programs for weight loss across the world right now. This Venus Factor review will tell women whether or not this fat loss system is best for her.

Independent Living in Florida Facility Buena Vida Estates Wins Better Business Bureau Award

At the March 6, 2014 Business Breakfast, the Melbourne Regional Chamber of East Central Florida awarded the independent living in Florida facility Buena Vida Estates the Better Business of the Month Award.

Uganda the Hunting Grounds Against the Gay, Says Ugandan Writer Vasco

A Ugandan Writer Vasco has reiterated the manner in which the Church in Ugandan is involved in hunting down and persecution people of same sex orientation popularly known as gays.

Full Cycle Distributors Expands National Lifeline Program

LogoOver 56 million Americans qualify for a “Lifeline” mobile phone and Full Cycle Distributors is doing their best to get them into qualify individuals' hands. Part of this drive involves recruiting more Lifeline Agents to help recruit and sign up qualified people in the Total Call Mobile Lifeline Program. This position offers the possibility of not only making a good income, but also in helping the disadvantaged in the process.

"Living Life Unbound 101" Course to Empower Women to Purse Their Passions

There are many women out there who want to be independent, hardworking, and passionate about their work and who want to earn a decent living from their passions. However, not all get the opportunity to work under a favorable atmosphere. Some of them have to do strenuous jobs which they might not love to do but they have to do lest they lose their financial security. There are others who love their jobs but do not like the situations around them and cannot leave their jobs. For all those women there is “Living Life Unbound 101” which is a short course with a 10 week duration that will help these women go through this transition with ease.

The End Times Experience Is Taking Place at Christian Life Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL

LogoA 6-week sermon series event entitled “The End Times Experience” begins on April 26th at Christian Life Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL. This event will feature dramatic portrayals and interactive exhibits of what life is going to be like during the end of days, according to scripture.

The Jedi Scouts Announces Commencement of Operation

LogoThe Jedi Scouts is going to provide its services in the Las Vegas area. The group with a non-discrimination policy is a club for boys and girls. The honest group does not classify its members according creed, gender, political affiliation or sexual orientation. The group is heavily influenced by the Star Wars series and focuses on related activities and equipments.

Children and Adults with Disability Could Benefit from Sleep Research Fundraising Campaign

The sleep research unit in Edinburgh is currently undertaking studies that they believe can help children and adults with disabilities, but shortfalls in funding threaten those efforts.

Work-Life Balance Applies to Kids Too: ATL Addresses Issue

LogoMany children are institutionalized way too young, and need a good balance between time at school and at home with parents. According to Dr. Mary Bousted, general secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL), parents and their kids should have time to get to know each other. She stated that UK is the “poor man of Europe,” since it has long working hours which means more ought to be done to support family life.

Determined to Ensure Daughters' Safety, Mompreneur Creates Pepper Spray Fashion Bracelet to Extinguish Sexual Predators

Every parent worries about the safety and security of their children, perhaps even more so when they’re raising teenage girls, as was the case with Caroline Olah, a devoted Mother of two in Indiana. After hearing the alarming statistics of aggravated assaults, robbery and sexual attacks against young woman, Caroline decided to take matters into her own hands and began to develop a product that would not only protect her own girls but would serve as a weapon of empowerment for the hundreds of thousands of victims each year.

Gibout Toys Takes Great Pride in Supporting the Toy Bank

LogoOne could argue that the most important business happens after the close of Toy Fair each year. This is when toys are gathered by The Toy Bank, sorted and donated to thousands of children in need. Gibout Toys has been actively involved in children-related charities from the start, and takes great pride and honor in participating in such events.