Social Media Allows 50 First Impressions

Made a bad first impression? Delete your profile and make a new one. Social realities like this happen daily. At SOCON the CON for USERS, your only option is to change your #cosplay.


Atlantic City, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/30/2014 -- Days of the vital first impression are gone with the dinosaurs. Today most first impressions are made over the internet. Many people hire professionals to create websites and profiles that give an illusion of expertise, trust, and reliability to lure people in.

Simple mistakes are made each day. Something as tiny as a typographical error can turn telling someone they have a beautiful "shirt" into "shit." How many people have fallen victim to Siri and other voice to text translators and their rather adult humor?

Second impressions are made when people meet for the first time in real life. This is their chance to create a solid lasting impression or correct any previous "wrong" impressions and lay the foundation for the future. Prior to technology the first impression was all people had. Today, people create so many versions of themselves on social media. Twitter profiles for sales and shouting, Facebook for a more conservative side that grandparents approve, Google+ for real people, Match or POF for dating and many others. All these profiles make it impossible to determine who the real person is. Second impressions made at SOCON are confirmed and validated when a new SOCON member picks up their ID Tag in real life. Each SOCON member receives a eternal member number that connects all their social media faces.

SOCON is drive by the USERS. The USERS are coming together to take control of their online relationships. There friendships are not at the mercey of the social media or internet provider. They are part of a group that is committed to keeping their relationships connected on and offline.

Are your friends online worth meeting in real life? Are they meaningful and important relationships in your reality. If the answer is YES, then you PROVE IT BY SHOWING UP IN REAL LIFE AT SOCON. When people dont want to meet in real life you start to question . . . what are they hiding? The world wants to see who is real. The real people will come together in real life to share a drink, a handshake and a hug. Those who don't meet in real life will fade to "blue heads."

“Many SOCON attendees are traveling alone to meet their friends in real life for the first time. They have been working with each other for years, cheering each other on, and helping them attain their personal and professional goals in life. Meeting in real life is the next logical step.” explained Kristen Slevin Co-Founder of SOCON.

SOCON attendees are SOCIAL and NETWORK around the world. Convention attendees are flying in from around the world. These connections have empowered SOCON members to upgrade their lives in a short amount of time, using FREE applications and services like Google drive and play store apps. The people who live in the virtual world are coming down from the clouds for one weekend to share their secrets with you. Simply put . . . The members of SOCON want to teach the world how to fish.

SOCON Member Registration Online $60 Games Registration $25 at OR for discounts

SOCON is a multi purpose civic organization, designed to help social media users connect with each other in real life, while building links between physical and virtual lives, and gaining the skills needed to monetize their time on social media. SOCON is produced by Athanasios Zarkadas and Kristen Slevin, and a volunteer network of thousands on Google+. The internet has provided people with a civilizations worth of information, but little in the way of direction. SOCON actively bridges the gap, by establishing global and universal norms through our international standards board. SOCON members live the golden rule and support basic human rights as outlined by The United Nations.

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