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Soil Moisture Monitoring Is Now Inexpensive, Reliable and Easy to Use

Kiss Monitoring a well known company from Australia Launches Easy Technique of soil moisture monitoring. A device "Hornet" launched by them which is inexpensive, reliable and easy to use. Hornet help you to manage watering needs of your agriculture land or commercial land. You can access Hornet from anywhere and from any device like your laptop, mobile and iPad.


Mount Hawthorn, Western Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/24/2014 -- Dryland cropping involves consideration of a number of factors like what would be the right time to plant the seeds and when to apply fertilizers. It is important to figure out the right time for taking these actions as it influences the total farm income as well as the crop yield to a great extent. While it is quite difficult to find the accurate time, one can get an idea by measuring the moisture level of the soil. And when it comes to buying a soil moisture sensor, Hornet is the best device to use. Using the Hornet continuous management, one can understand whether it is the right time to plant a crop or not.

It must be kept in mind that the moisture level of soil depends upon its water holding capacity. In fact, depending upon the water level of the soil, it needs to be decided whether a crop should be planted earlier or later. A soil moisture monitor also helps one measure the moisture and temperature of soil continuously during the growth of crops. It also helps in determining the amount of fertilizers to be applied and the perfect timing. Hornet is an efficient soil moisture device that helps one identify the soil conditions accurately. This, in turn, helps one figure out the right timing and the right amount of fertilizers that are required for the soil.

A soil moisture sensor like Hornet can help farmers in a number of ways. It assists in identifying the salinity of the soil, and the soil zones that are preventing root growth due to various causes like chemical toxicities, pH balance, water logging and hard pans. The soil moisture sensors also help farmers figure out the amount of moisture that a particular crop is using during the various phases of its growth, and also the total amount of effective rainfall that has occurred.

About KISS Monitoring
Hornet is an affordable and user-friendly device, which makes it all the more easy for farmers to use for continuous monitoring of soil temperature and moisture.