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Southwestern College Presents the 31st Annual Transformation and Healing Conference

Southwestern College Offering Masters Degrees in Counseling and Art Therapy Presents Heaing Conference


Santa FE, NM -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/26/2012 -- Southwestern College is pleased to present its 31st Annual Transformation and Healing Conference. Eighteen workshops and two Keynote presentations will be held on the theme: Through the Looking Glass: Perspectives on Systems, Trauma and Resilience. This event is popular for licensed professionals to expand their knowledge and earn required Continuing Education Credits (CECs).

The theme this year focuses on understanding humans in the context of their systems. The external family systems, internalized systems, as well as systems that extend into our family histories and cultures, are found to be both sources of trauma and re-sources for healing and resilience.

The first Keynote presentation will be by Richard Schwartz, Ph.D. and is called “The Treatment of Trauma and the Internal Family Systems Model’. Dr. Schwartz created the Internal Family Systems model as he studied and noticed patterns within his clients and how they described the connectedness of various parts of themselves. Dr. Richard Schwartz serves on editorial boards of four professional journals. He has published five books and over fifty articles about IFS. His books include: You Are The One You’ve Been Waiting For: Bringing Courageous Love to Intimate Relationships; Internal Family Systems Therapy; Introduction to the Internal Family Systems Model; and The Mosaic Mind: Empowering the Tormented Selves of Child Abuse Survivors (with Regina Goulding); as well as Metaframeworks (with Doug Breunlin and Betty Karrer), about transcending current models of family therapy.

The second Keynote presentation will be from Lee Cartwright, M.A. and is titled ‘Trauma Across Universes – An Esoteric Approach to Trauma Therapy’. This presentation will explore the theory that all humans exist across multiple universes and that trauma creates rifts between them. It will then shift to discussing means of working with clients to heal the rifts.

Lee Cartwright, M.A. developed Shifting Consciousness through Dimensions (SCtD), a neurological system for transforming trauma and personal limitations. He has written three books on SCtD, The Qi to Unlocking Trauma and Limiting Behaviors, Neurological Approaches to Dream Work, and The Body Evolving Spirit.

Other topics that will be discussed at the conference include creativity as a therapeutic tool, the effects of familial and cultural influences on trauma, the effects of love and trauma, as well as topics on brainspotting.

Now in its 33rd year, Southwestern College’s motto is Transforming Consciousness though Education. It is a graduate level institution that focuses on counseling and art therapy. Offering a holistic environment for learning, students undergo rigorous academic work that follows national standards for the Counseling and Art Therapy professions while also afforded opportunities for deeply meaningful interaction and sharing.

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The roots of Southwestern College can be traced to 1945 when a group of forward-thinking individuals began a collection of spiritual and metaphysical books to establish the Quimby Memorial Library. In 1963, the library was dedicated in Alamogordo, New Mexico.