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Southwestern College President Dr. James Nolan Brings Fresh Perspective to Higher Education and Jobs in Huffington Post Articles

Dr. James Nolan, President of Southwestern College in Santa Fe, NM, Brings a fresh perspective to the topics of higher education and jobs as a Huffington Post guest blogger.


Santa Fe, NM -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/10/2012 -- Southwestern College is pleased to announce that college President Dr. James Michael Nolan is a contributing blogger to the Huffington Post. His unique insight into subjects from use of language through higher education and careers is now available to the large readership of the online newspaper.

As President of Southwestern College in Santa Fe, NM, Dr. Nolan has had the opportunity to see firsthand the interplay of education, society and career. As somebody who is in a helping profession, it is in his nature to impart advice and wisdom to all. It is probably the combination of the two that gives his guest blog column in the Huffington Post such credence.

While followers of Dr. Nolan’s blog on the Southwestern College website can attest to the fact that he has a way of offering fresh perspective on an issue, bringing those views to a wider audience allows for the discourse that many topics of higher education and the job marketplace need in our country's current economic state. While thoughtful and well presented, Dr. Nolan has a way of challenging the status quo to expose readers to new and different ideas.

Dr. Nolan’s introduction to Huffington Post readers was in a post regarding the language of the accreditation boards. In it he made the call for the language to be changed from a negative-based, “Thou shalt not”, to focus more on what those in helping and healing industries should do.

From there Dr. Nolan has continued to push the boundaries with topics of how embracing social media is actually good for not only the students, but institutions themselves as it allows the message to reach a wider audience. He has proposed to readers the notion that jobs are something that is created from within and not from external influences.

He has also challenged convention. In recent posts Dr. Nolan has asked if the ultimate goal of higher education is to really get a job, or if it is to expand the consciousness of the student. He also questions the notion of higher education as the appropriate choice for some who may not be positioned for success at school and fails to meet the academic requirements which are meant to translate into the workforce.

"Each of us has a unique destiny path, and there is no reason to believe they all run directly through the halls of higher education; indeed, there are many reasons to suppose otherwise..."

To read these and future posts from Dr. Nolan please visit his author page on the Huffington Post:

Dr. Nolan has been President of Southwestern College since 2006 and has just been renewed for another six-year term. He holds a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and also has a background studying literature. He has been an influential figure with various colleges or universities and has worked for a dozen, both traditional and online.

For more posts by Dr. Nolan please visit his blog on the Southwestern College website:

Now in its 33rd year, Southwestern College’s mission is “Transforming Consciousness through Education”. It is a Graduate-level Institution that focuses on Counseling and Art Therapy. Southwestern is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and the American Art Therapy Association (AATA).

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