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China Application of Specialty Elastomers in Automotive Market


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/28/2014 -- With a wide range of application in different industries like auto, construction and medical treatment, etc., specialty elastomer has drawn more and more attention from global manufacturers in recent years. As a kind of synthetic rubber, specialty elastomer can be adopted to face harsh conditions thanks to its special properties and flexible applications.

Among the application industries, auto industry is the main downstream industry of specialty elastomer. In recent years, the consumption of specialty elastomer in the world has seen an uptrend. The global consumption volume of specialty elastomer nearly reached 3.8 million tonnes in 2012. Since 2009, China has become the biggest automobile manufacturer in the world. Along with the booming development of the world’s auto industry, the consumption growth rate of China’s specialty elastomergreatly increased. Currently, the consumption volume of China’s specialty elastomer accounts for about 10% of the global consumption volume.

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The report mainly covers the following aspects:
Overview of global consumption and China’s consumption situation of specialty elastomer in 2012;
Major specialty elastomers’ application situation in different sectors of China’s auto industry, including auto sealing element, auto rubber tubing and other auto elements, as well as the downstream application proportion and consumption volume of specialty elastomer in the auto industry;

The development trend of specialty elastomer in specific auto application and the consumption forecast of China’s specialty elastomer during 2013 to 2015;
A wide coverage of readers:

- Raw material manufacturers of specialty elastomer;
- Purchasers of specialty elastomer;
- Production managers of specialty elastomer;
- Professional engineers from specialty elastomer field and its related application industries
- Investors who take interest in China’s and global specialty elastomer and its downstream industries such asauto industry;

What benefits can you obtain form the report?
- Discovering the current market share of different specialty elastomer in China;
- Understanding the consumption situation and properties of China’s specialty elastomer inspecific auto application sectors;
- Obtaining the forecast of China’s specialty elastomer demand during 2013 to 2015;

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China’s specialty elastomers mainly include fluoroelastomer (FKM), silicone elastomer (VMQ), Hydrogenate nitrile rubber(HNBR), Nd-based Butadiene rubber (NdBR), Acrylate rubber (ACM) and Epichlorohydrin rubber (ECO), etc. Among these kinds of specialty elastomers, VMQ, NdBR and FKM are the three most consumed specialty elastomers, and are used in various industries across China. In recent years, the development of silicone elastomers have maintained a stable upward trend. Fluoroelastomer has also shown great potential as it has the achieved the fasted level of growth in consumption. At present, because of China’s production technology the domestic specialty elastomer products is unable to meet the demand of the domestic market due to the immaturity of production technology. Specialty elastomers still highly rely on imports from foreign countries.

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