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Nature Galapagos Welcomes Teens for the Spring Break 2014 in Ecuador

Schools in United States and other countries are ready for the spring break and so are the places like Galapagos Islands with exotic beaches and beach party destinations.


Quito, Ecuador -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/05/2014 -- It's been long since the Galapagos islands have been welcoming tourists into the stunning look of nature with the unique varieties of flora and fauna found there. This piece of land is a part of the enormous Amazon Rain Forests which is a home to many different species of both plants and animals. Being a well known tourist attraction, the Galapagos islands have many arrangements for all those who want to enjoy here.

The Galapagos islands have a variety of adventurous tours to offer. Come spring, and the teens would be waiting to take a time off from their daily studies. The adventurous tour packages during the spring break 2014 welcomes students studying in various schools in the US to spend their spring holidays here on the island. Holidays are a time one can enjoy and do all that he has ever thought of. This is the time when there are a lot of packages involving various activities especially for teens. Activities such as Rock climbing, Canyoning, Scuba Diving and many more are the ones that attract most of the teen tourists.

There are two ways you can explore this island. They are Cruise based Tours and Land based Tours. Cruise based includes cruising through the waters around the island and the land based travel will take you through the dense forests and make you hike the active volcanoes of Ecuador and Galapagos. The Galapagos Islands welcomes people who would love to stay amidst peaceful nature. For those who love adventure, it also offers a range of adventurous places and sports. Irrespective of their choices, this is the best place youngsters could spend their spring break in. It promises to give a joy filled holiday season to those who visit here.

Apart from the natural scenic beauty and the sports that can be played on this land, there are many travel agencies who have been preparing various travel packages according to the tourist preferences. During this Spring break 2014, Nature Galapagos & Ecuador is all set to welcome young teens who would love to explore this wonderful piece of nature. There are many Galapagos Tour Packages that include pool party, beach party, jungle tours, adventure games and sports and scuba diving, etc.

This is another destination that would help teens move out of their daily routine to enjoy themselves along with the peaceful scenes of nature or part take in the adventure rides that Galapagos has to offer during these Galapagos island holiday season. Nature Galapagos promises to help these teens experience all that they desire and thus carry memories that will last life long.

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Nature Galapagos & Ecuador is one of the leading tour operators in Quito, Ecuador. They specialize in Galapagos Tours and travels and Ecuador land based tours. They proudly own Hotel San Vicente and Hotel La Laguna on the Isabela Island – the largest of the Galapagos Archipelago.