Story About Woman Being Found After 7 Years Stranded on an Island Proves to Be Fabricated


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/14/2014 -- A story titled, “Google Earth Finds Woman Trapped on Deserted Island for 7 Years” that went viral online across social media has proven to be a fabricated story, created by the popular satire website

“We are always creating in-depth stories that are pure nonsense, but our readers eat them up and often times they forget they are on a fake news website. This story was one of our most popular viral stories to date. Readers want to believe the story, regardless of how crazy it might sound,” explained a website representative from

The story explained how Google Earth discovered the woman and revealed a “SOS” logo that the woman made on the island, visible from the air. The story then elaborates on the survival skills that were used over the past 7 years by the woman. Outrageous? Yes. Viral content that Internet users love? Yes. has been on a roll lately, publishing several stories on their fake news site that have taken the popular social media sites by storm.

The entire story can be seen here: “Our team of writes is extremely creative and we believe that has helped us tremendously in our early success. We create stories that we would love to see be true, and our readership obviously agrees,” stated the representative.

The survival story that originally appeared on featured very detailed accounts of the past 7 years from the “survivor” and that made the story more believable. The representative also added, “Who doesn’t want to believe a feel good story like this? Through our website we are providing a new level of online entertainment. We have some more amazing stories set to release this year that we believe will be even more popular and viral!”

About is a fake news website that delivers entertaining and outrageous stories each week. The content posted on quickly goes viral due to the power of social media and the theory that people believe everything that they read on the Internet. The website has fabricated some of the most outrageous stories that cause intense discussion and debate among the readers. Although a fairly new website, it has continued to grow its readership and is now among the most popular satire news sites in the world. More information can be found at