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StrategyQuant EA Analyzer V.2 Is a Simple FREE Tool for Computing Advanced Statistics Like Sharpe Ratio, Periodical Performance, Strategy Stagnation Time and More


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/28/2014 -- StrategyQuant EA Analyzer V.2 is a simple free tool to analyze the performance of an expert advisor (EA) or any trading strategy in depth. It imports MT4 backtesting reports and other trading reports and computes advanced statistics like the Sharpe Ratio, Return/Drawdown Ratio, AHPR, Z-Score, Deviation, Expectancy, Stagnation, portfolio correlation analysis etc. In total it helps in making 20 different performance charts.

StrategyQuant EA Analyzer V.2 can help in determining the quality of a trading strategy on a quantitative basis and compare it with another trading strategy. It also helps in determining how well this strategy will perform in a portfolio with other EAs.

EA Analyzer is a windows program. This program can help in doing Monte Carlo Analysis. Both FREE and PRO Versions are available. The Free Version can do most of the things however there are some limitations. For example, the free version will only process the first 30% of the trades while doing Monte Carlo Analysis and the Equity Control Analysis.

This is what Dave M says: “...makes this tool absolutely essential to a serious trader…After only a couple hours usage I saw some flaws in my EA's that have cost me a lot of money in the past. Already the cost of the software is recovered. !!

The ability to dissect the production and performance of an EA by day and by the hour according to all the statistical analysis provided makes this tool absolutely essential to a serious trader.”

About the StrategyQuant team
StrategyQuant team comprise of professional traders and coders. The team is giving both a FREE as well as a pro version of their EA Analyzer. The Pro Version also has got no questions asked 60 days of money back guarantee period.

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