Successful Education Solutions, LLC College Counselors Offers SAT Prep Course and Financial Guidance is a team of college career counselors who seek to help families prepare for, and successfully hurdle the challenges that come with a college education.


Carmel, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/01/2012 -- Going to college may well be one of the biggest life-changing experiences a person will have to undergo. Entering and graduating from a reputable university is, after all, a step closer to achieving that all-too-common dream of landing a high-paying job and being financially stable.

The sad reality, however, is that with college tuition fees skyrocketing, not to mention college entry requirements becoming increasingly challenging, it is no surprise that parents and students put off the idea of going to college, or never consider it at all.

Successful Education Solutions is in the business of helping students and parents navigate the complex college planning process, such that they could maintain their quality of life and income during the tuition years.

Jeffrey Sonnergren, founder and president of Successful Education Solutions, assemble a team to provide families with strategies to make college more affordable and prepare for college success. From offering college essay help and assistance to providing financial advice, SES strives to help families cater all college needs and requirements.

“We work hands-on with families who want the most value from their education dollar. Our college funding services are designed for parents and students to assist with career choices, college selection and financial assistance,” says Sonnergren.

Through, incoming college students can go through two steps for Student Positioning. The first step requires a student to take part in the online aptitude session, which is designed to confirm or focus a student's career goals and select major areas of study to pursue.

In the second and final step under Student Positioning, students and their family members engage with one of Successful Education Solution's experienced, trained and highly professional career counselors. During a 90-minute call, both parties will discuss the realities of choosing a college that will lead to a quality education experience.

The 90-minute interview is designed to successfully match each student with the right colleges based on a set of aptitude factors, SAT/ACT scores, high school GPA, family financial situation, the student's educational interests, and their general "outlook" on life.

As part and parcel of college planning and preparation, offers helpful tips about taking SAT prep course and ACT prep course for successful entry to college.

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