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Sucralose Side Effects, Dangers, Highlighted by Natural Health Sherpa

Artificial sweetener manufacturers assert that their products are harmless and even good for consumers' health compared to sugar. Advocacy groups and independent researchers disagree.


Wilmington, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/10/2012 -- While artificial sugar manufacturers continue to claim that their products are safe and even healthier compared to table sugar, health advocacy groups and independent researchers are relentless in their effort to educate the public about what they believe is the real score.

“In our never-ending quest to get something for nothing, food manufacturers continue to search for sugar alternatives,” according to Natural Health Sherpa. In one of its more recent articles, it continues to disapprove the way that sucralose is being advertised as “tasting like sugar because it comes from sugar.”

What is sucralose?

Sucralose is considered to be a non-caloric artificial sweetener because the body cannot break down most of the ingested sucralose. It is 600 times sweeter than table sugar and can withstand heat and varying pH levels making it ideal for baking sweets that require long shelf lives. There are several brand names of sucralose being sold to the general public.

Sucralose Side Effects

Natural Health Sherpa warns that there are several sucralose dangers that consumers must be aware of. These side effects include headaches, skin irritation, coughing, runny nose, heart palpitations, depression and mood swings, digestive issues and itchy eyes.

The process of making sucralose involves the replacement of two table sugar molecules with chorine. Informed consumers who know about this ask: “Is sucralose bad for you?”

Studies on lab rats show that sucralose can promote obesity, kill some of the good bacteria in the intestines and hinder absorption of medicine. Another danger observed on mice is that shrinkage of the thymus gland – the gland responsible for producing T-cells which are vital for a healthy immune system. Aside from that, sucralose was also found to cause enlargement of the liver and kidneys.

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