SwapYourHome.net Popularity Increases as People Seek a Home Stay

The popular home exchange and home stay community explains the advantages of going on vacation through home swapping as a viable alternative to traditional vacationing.


Paris, France -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/21/2012 -- Lately, home stay vacationing have become so popular. More than before, a lot of travellers have adapted this alternative accommodation arrangement when going on vacations. People who are more adventurous and who like to seek a different experience than the traditional hotel accommodation have come to appreciate the unique exposure that home swapping has to offer.

Jean Chatzky, author of Money 911, and Sharon Epperson, CNBC correspondent and author of The Big Payoff, mentioned house swapping as one of the new ways of cutting costs on the NBC Today show. Several publications like Money Magazine and Washington Post have reported also on the growing popularity of home swapping.

According to the website called swapyourhome.net, one of the advantages of home exchange travelling is that it allows vacationers to save on the usual cost involved with hotel accommodations. Others however choose home exchange not just for economic reasons. Home exchange allows one to interact with the locale and study their culture as well as to find beautiful spots in its pristine condition undisturbed yet by swarms of tourists. One can never have these same experiences with organized group travel tours.

Statistics have shown that home swapping has constantly increased for the past several years. Internet sites like swapyourhome.net have made home exchange easier and hassle free. Although you may find the listings may be a little different from reality, the prospect of families trying out a new location for a while has contributed to the steady rise of home exchange vacationers.

Being around in the market for quite some time, swapyourhome.net has perfected the system of matching home exchange arrangements for a lot of people. They have listings from several countries around the world that one may take fancy in. Paid membership at swapyourhome.net is also required before any interested party can establish contact with the other members in order to ensure membership quality and reliability of listings. “Trouble with renters is usually an isolated incident and usually can be avoided by preparation and screening”, said Christine Karpinski, author of the best-selling How to Rent Vacation Properties by Owner.

Trust is an important aspect in homestay.

Building confidence with people you are letting in your home is their foremost consideration.

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