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TapouT XT Investigation - What They'll Never Tell Anyone

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Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/10/2013 -- The most recent investigation regarding TapouT XT ® is now made available...

Very Important Update:

Currently the 2 Top MMA-themed Work outs are...

#1 Rushfit by Georges St-Pierre (The current Welterweight Champion of the UFC - No. 1 Welterweight in the World)

#2 Tapout XT® by Mike Karpenko (A 43 year old Fitness expert, Celebrity trainer, MMA Condition coach)

This original news release was published before continuing results were in on the Rushfit by George ST-Pierre.

Although both programs include many moves inspired by MMA fighting techniques, the new #1 choice goes to Rushfit by Georges St-Pierre... hands down.

Georges St-Pierre is the current Welterweight Champion of the UFC.

St-Pierre is also ranked as the No. 1 Welterweight in the World. St. Pierre is one of the most athletic fighters to ever grace the Octagon. He is often referred to as GSP and nicknamed "RUSH".

Research analyst Cindy Walters states, "After very careful evaluation and ongoing research following countless user results. We now have to state our very latest findings."

"Although Tapout XT® is a nice program and definitely fun and enjoyable, its no longer our top choice. We also feel the overall format borrows a lot from P90X."

"Rushfit on the other hand doesn't use ideas from any other workout program you've seen and it seems like it was built from the ground up on something supported very much by real science."

"We feel Rushfit is truly more logical in its overall foundation and definitely a lot less time consuming."

"In our opinion, as far as structure and effectiveness goes, RushFit is now the superior MMA Style workout WITHOUT question. Although you will see some results with Tapout XT®, you will actually see far better results from the RushFit."

"We now consider Tapout XT® the #2 choice when it comes to MMA style Workouts. If you truly value your time and money and want the #1 MMA themed workout created by the current Welterweight Champion of the UFC and ranked as the No. 1 Welterweight in the entire World, you seriously need to consider... Rushfit by Georges St-Pierre. The results are absolutely explosive!"

"If you are ready for the Complete Rushfit 8 Week Training Camp - Official As Seen On TV Offer, with the 60 Day No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee and Limited Time Free Shipping included, please Click Here."

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MMA Style Workout Programs Visited

Typical workouts just won’t give individuals the type of body that they see on the best UFC/MMA fighters. If consumers want ripped muscles, a lean body, and the perfect “mixed martial arts look”, they need to turn to the same workout principles that MMA athletes use to stay in peak physical condition.

Research analyst Cindy Walters states, "If you’re looking for a fitness DVD package that really delivers, you’ll love everything that these workouts have to offer. The Rushfit program is the creation of Welterweight Champion of the UFC Georges St-Pierre. This particular MMA Style Workout program is the perfect blend of cardio, strength, core and power exercises, and these effective exercises are augmented with plenty of MMA-inspired moves that will quickly get you into the very best shape of your life."

The MMA body is a work of art, but users need to feel the burn to turn their body into a total masterpiece. If they’re up for the challenge, they’ll get incredible results that make them feel strong, lean, sculpted and powerful.

How It Actually Works

Ms Walters says, "When you order the Rushfit system, you’ll access 7 DVD workouts that help you to melt away excess flab, build muscle tone, and get the six-pack abs that you dream of having. The body you’ll get with this system is meant to be flaunted, so expect to buy new clothes that show off your impressive physique once you’ve begun this highly-rated fitness program. Thanks to the skill of The current Welterweight Champion of the UFC Georges St-Pierre, you’ll gain access to the best exercises for a true MMA body, and you’ll get the results that you need in just three months."

Extreme Fitness Gets Extreme Results

Typical workouts just don’t have the power to change users body shapes and tone in a measurable way. Since these workouts are usually designed to provide moderate exercise, they give mediocre results. Unlike most fitness DVD workouts, MMA Style Workouts go further to give users their ideal body. At Rushfit, no one pretends that gentle, easy workouts will give individuals an Ultimate Fighter’s body.

Instead of telling consumers lies and sugar-coating the truth, Georges St-Pierre shows individuals what it really takes to get an incredible body that is strong, supple and loaded with strength and endurance. To get this type of body, users need to sweat, and they need to be fiercely dedicated to their goal. If an individual has the drive, the team at St-Pierre's Rushfit MMA Style Workout has the tools that users will need to get their dream body in just 60 days. Consumers will access targeted fitness that burns off all of your unwanted pounds, while also creating ripped, lean muscle mass that makes you look your very best."

When it comes to doing these workouts, consumers need to dig deep and work hard; however, when they apply themselves and ‘feel the burn”, they’ll get a payback that is absolutely unbelievable. This is the secret of the ultimate body, and individuals can order it right from the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Consumers Must Use Caution When Choosing Rushfit...

Research analyst Cindy Walters states, “Extreme caution must be used when ordering Rushfit. Since there are so many internet sites now promoting this product due to the very high demand and ongoing TV commercials, consumers can easily become very confused."

"What's most important for people to realize is... If you are looking for the entire Rushfit 8 Week Training Camp - Official As Seen On TV Offer, there is only one legitimate secure risk-free location to acquire this from. That is from This Special TV Offer Package is not available in stores."

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Official Rushfit As Seen On TV Website

Please note that this press release has been revised from its original content.