Target Data Breach

Target Data Breach Customers Asked to Monitor Accounts Closely and Avoid Falling Prey to Fraud was created to provide complete information on the holiday credit card breach suffered by 40 million Target customers.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/03/2014 -- Definitely the last thing any buying individual will want to hear about is an incident of financial breach or fraud. For the 40 million debit and credit account holders who were exposed to this problem at Target, it is important to know every update relating to their unfortunate shopping experience - and that there is a way out.

Target shoppers between November 27th and December 15th have every reason to worry about. Officially labeling the incident "unauthorized access to payment card data", shop officials are claiming the issue has been resolved, but the threat remains, prompting customers to react with "fury and frustration". offers real information about the unfortunate large-scale financial breach involving customers who visited any of the 1,797 shops in many parts of the United States and paid using their credit or debit cards. It is the one-stop online destination for anyone seeking news and updates from various sources, which have been collected and pooled together for easier access. also revisits the many other stores or companies, aside from Target, that suffered from data breach problems. The website runs a full story TJX Cos., which exposed at least 45.7 million credit and debit cards to possible fraud in July 2005. Other data breach issues that hounded payment processing company Heartland in 2009, and even the U.S. military base in the Middle East in 2008 are also featured on the website.

Exposed customers are encouraged to take action to prevent any damage from messing up their financial identities. The attackers behind the breach are likely to use the information to steal identity and splurge using the debit or credit cards at the expense of the poor victims.

A careful monitoring of transactions, a vigilant watch of credit reports and immediate reporting of suspicious transactions may just save a Target breach victim from being a possible prey to the crime. Members of LifeLock, a personal financial info protection product and solutions provider, encourages every member to report the issue. The leading company will be providing the necessary Target data breach help for all their members who have been involved in the unfortunate situation.

To find out more about Target data breach and how help can be obtained through LifeLock, please visit for information.

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Target Data Breach is an online news source for the recent financial identity mishap suffered by over 40 million customers at Target. The website also features other famous data breaches from the last 8 years, with emphasis on ways to protect oneself from being possibly trapped in similar situations.