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Jacquelyne Butts, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Kitchen Items

LogoJacquelyne Butts is excited to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website features kitchen items including rice cookers, mini fridges, wine racks, juicers, coffee grinders, pasta makers, and kitchen carts. Jacquelyne was inspired to start her website by her own love of cooking and entertaining. She wanted to provide her customers with the items that they would need to cook for guests in their own homes.

Out of Hours Community GP Service Leads the Way on the Friends and Family Test

The Community GP out of Hours team at Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust has been first to adopt an innovative new touchscreen device for measuring patient experience, including the Friends and Family Test.

Anton Mihlin and Team Seeks Funding via Indiegogo for the Creation of Webfish, a Revolutionary Website Builder

LogoWebfish is an innovative web application for fast and easy website development. It is a first complex solution for websites creation. Its style of work is similar to work in graphic editors. User doesn’t need to write code. Application is based on Drag & Drop interface. The application approaches for developers, designers and even people who don’t know coding.

YNG Media - Now Provides Complete Solution for Ecommerce Website

LogoA pioneer in digital marketing, YNG Media renders the most effective e-commerce website development solutions all across the globe. The best in-class web development services offered by the company perfectly match the customized needs and demands of customers. Integrating your website with social media, the agency helps a long chain of customers to engage with you online. YNG Media’s e-commerce web development solutions fit every budget and help in expanding your business worldwide.

Exclusive Mac Flipbook Software Now Updated to Be More Powerful

LogoIn the bid to make its software most exclusive and full of amazing features, the Flippagemaker software company recently provided a new version of Mac flipbook software. The latest version of this popular software is attracting a number of users all over the world. They are able to present the files in a unique and attractive manner.

24 Hour Flower Delivery Is Just a Dial Away

Flowers come in so many varieties, sizes and colors—all of which correspond to a particular meaning. This is why flowers are the most thoughtful gift to give. Flowers can convey a message in a beautifully subtle way, and it makes it a lot more special for the sender and the receiver since it is an inside message only they can understand.

Building Business Relationships via Personalized Corporate Gifts

One of the best ways to maintain good business relationships is through giving gifts occasionally. Most people are wary about this because the thought of giving gifts seems like a bribe, but giving personalized corporate gifts now and then actually helps build and strengthen a business' reputation with its stockholders.

UniControls Asia Officially Distributes Hibar Systems LTD Products

Hibar Systems Limited products are now available in Singapore, as UniControls Asia officially started distributing hibar pumps from the said company.

Tubidy Is Now Featuring Music News, Songs, Music Videos and Lyrics

Music has become an important part of the lives of many people in the present times. Not only it is soothing but it also offers so much to learn. With more and more genres of music being available to hear these days, individuals are highly recommended to head towards the internet in order to search for their favorite mp3 songs at the earliest convenience. Since the internet is a wide medium, many high end and famous music blogs and websites can be easily found there. Recognized as "Best Dallas Legal Assistance" in Recent Poll

The conclusion of a recent internet based survey by which respondents were asked to identify Best Dallas Fort Worth legal assistance produced what some would definitely point out was a predictable outcome. business legal services and well known family legal assistance specialists was selected well over every other recognized name in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

Ducerus Offers Back-to-School Tips for College Students

Ducerus is a company that specializes in helping students and their families cope with the stressful process of applying to college, gaining acceptance and funding college attendance. Now, Ducerus offers several tips for first-time and returning college students to make the transition to higher education easier.

Forex ESP Releases New Forex System That Guarantees Results

Times are changing rapidly and with all the downsizing going on, it has left many people heading to the internet searching for new ways to make money online. With so many options to choose from, it is hard to know which stay at home strategies actually work. Once you find one that works, the true journey begins. Trading Forex ( is one of them.

FASTPHILLYSPORTS.COM Now Offering Alternative Take on Philly Sports

The Philadelphia area sports market has long been considered the best in the United States, and now it has a digital sports site worthy of its fans. FASTPHILLYSPORTS.COM is comprised of the best original and aggregated sports journalism with a perspective and edge not previously seen in the Philadelphia media market. The Philadelphia sports blog reflects the best ideas that founder Theodore N. Beitchman has developed over his years as a newspaper sports editor in Washington, D. C. and San Francisco, and as a magazine senior editor at Rolling Stone, Inside Sports and Sports Illustrated.

Loud Rumor Now Hiring a Sales Person

LogoLoud Rumor, a local SEO company in Phoenix, is now hiring for the position of Sales Person.

Controversial Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review Released for Anik Singal Program

An Honest review of the latest Anik Singal's launch, Inbox Blueprint 2.0, has been published by Erick Richard covering the essential details of the program and revealing the platform’s hidden flaws that the creators are aggressively promoting.

Get Automatic Likes Launches Brand New Affordable Instagram Likes Subscription Service

Instagram is a powerful visual marketing tool for everyone from sole traders to small businesses to multinational corporations, but only if it is used wisely. One of the most important impressions an Instagram profile must project is that of popular endorsement in order to earn the trust of new users coming to the profile for the first time. Get Automatic Likes has created a way to help businesses of all scales do just that.

MakeMoneyExpert.Com Offers a Deep Insight Into Revolutionary Top Producer Formula with a Chance to Join a Growing and Successful Community

Understanding the dynamics of making money online has never been easy, and probably never will be, but it is important to make the right moves at the right time and keep a check on the moves that are being made. introduces Top Producer Formula by Empower Network to its members and followers to help them excel at the art of making money online in a fairly effective way by creating a digital marketing strategy that has till date earned over $160 million for its affiliates. The Top Producer Formula has been built after squeezing all the experience of the creators and top affiliates of the Empower Network to help the affiliates and the newbies in the world of marketing make real money online, without having to wander online for a real deal or spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on practically nothing.

Barrett Foot & Ankle Launches New Website

LogoBarrett Foot & Ankle Institute, a leader in podiatric medicine in Phoenix, AZ, is pleased to announce the launch of its new and improved website:, which was designed to enhance the patient experience and serve as a resource for any questions patients may have.

Wig My Way Offers Its Range of Wigs for Sale Online

Wigs have been in existence since centuries. However, the purposes to which these are used have changed massively. They were used merely for covering baldness when the wigs were invented first. However, in the present times they are more fashion driven rather than being functional. Wigs are worn to sport new and different hairstyles than for covering baldness or other defects nowadays. The discovery of the fashionable side of wigs has caused people to experiment less with their hair and stylize themselves with different kinds of wigs. The celebrities sport different hairstyles every other day thanks to the wigs. Wigs have come down to be an affordable fashion accessory for the common people as well. Wig My Way is an online store that deals in different kinds of wigs. These are available for men, women, and children, and are available in different styles that range between straight, wavy, or curly. The wigs offered at the store are available in different categories like African, Asian, American, etc. Helps Address Health and Safety Compliance Training Needs

Employees are the best asset of any organization and it is therefore, imperative to maintain amenable working conditions for them to prosper. Office management has to make sure that they adhere to health and safety compliance requirements set forward by law in order to help their employees as well as their company build a strong foundation.

GAAPJobs Launches a New "Hot Spot" News Section for Job Seekers in the Financial Services Industry

GAAPJobs is a full Accounting & Finance Career resource for job seekers and recruiters. This industry is still one of the highest demanding areas of the U.S. workforce. They recently added a news section to their website to help inform potential job seekers cities and metropolitan areas that are experiencing growth in the financial services industry or areas they may be in demand for workers in this industry.

Mass Vision Launches Small Lots Wholesale Sunglasses Site

People looking for items to sell at fairs, flea markets, or online no longer have to spend days scouring garage sales or spend hundreds of dollars on crates of merchandise that may never sell. Thanks to the launch of Mass Vision, it's now possible for sellers to get wholesale sunglasses in small lots. This will allow small merchants to cover local events or to choose a wider selection of styles without the fear of ending up with hundreds of extra pairs. Offers Custom Lead Capture Pages with Autoresponders to Increase Business Sales offers to build customers a website with lead capture pages and autoresponder to increase sales. A lot of businesses especially small businesses are still confused by websites and online marketing. According to a recent report, a large number of Small business owners believe all they have to do to increase sales is to pay a website developer to produce them a website and put it online. However, as many experienced people know, there is more to increasing sales than simply having a website no matter how great it looks.

Page SEO Company in NH Launches Free SEO Audit Tool

Page SEO Company has launched a free SEO audit tool. The tool allows website owners to get their website audited for SEO based on more than 50 SEO checks of Google’s search algorithms. Also known as an SEO website analysis, this audit tool helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of each website audited.

PR Apex Examines Travis Scott's Newly Released "The 2k a Day System"

When it comes to making money, most people are simply able get by every day, pay the mortgage, settle the bills, put food on the table and send kids to school. Many of these people, however, believe they deserve more for the work they do. Many Americans are simply unable to make ends meet and live the life they have hoped for themselves, their family or their kids.