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Teeter Hang Ups Important Specifics - UL1647 Tested

Teeter Hang Ups – The Only Inversion Table That Is UL1647 Tested Is Now Discussed by, Researched Reviews.


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/04/2013 -- Research Analyst Cindy Walters states, "With so many different websites now promoting Teeter Hang Ups, consumers could get overwhelmed."

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The most recent investigation regarding Teeter Hang Ups is now finally released…

Chronic or sporadic back pain affects millions of men and women. If consumers are looking for a practical solution to their back pain troubles, they need sensible treatment strategies that don’t include taking a ton of prescription medications or over-the-counter remedies.

While medication may sometimes be necessary, huge improvements in the condition of an individuals back will be realized through the use of an inversion table alone. The beauty of this type of treatment is that it may actually end the dependence on using pain relief pills and other types of medications.

But Why Choose Teeter Hang Ups?

Research analyst Cindy Walters states, "Safety is a major concern when choosing any inversion table. Teeter is listed to the UL1647 testing standard, This guarantees key safety requirements to ensure endurance and strength of each and every unit manufactured. Teeter is the only inversion table in the entire world that is UL1647 tested."

"I can not stress strongly enough just how important this particular testing is. Consumers need to feel completely safe and protected each and every time they use an inversion table. After extensive research we can honestly say, the only inversion table that you can fully trust for safety and protection is Teeter Hang Ups. It also uses specialized features including heat-treated steel, auto-locking hinges and special squeak-free roller bearing."

Because Teeter inversion table is crafted according to the highest standards of quality and safety, it provides long-lasting and measurable health benefits to back pain sufferers. Using this durable and affordable device will dramatically reduce (or eliminate) even the most uncomfortable instances of back pain, and it will also prevent these episodes from reoccurring in the future.

If consumers want to find relief that doesn’t involve a handful of pills, expensive alternative supplements, or foul-smelling medicated creams, why not choose an inversion table that offers all of the positive results, without the downside?

Therapeutic Results With Teeter Hang Ups

Men and women who use Teeter to heal their back problems are 70.1 percent less likely to need back surgery than those who don’t. Statistics such as this one only underscore the staggering therapeutic power of this innovative, safe and reasonably priced device.

Cindy Walters reveals, " If back pain is negatively impacting your quality of life, it’s safe to say that purchasing a Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table will be the smartest health care choice that you ever make. The ROI (return on investment) that you’ll receive when you buy this particular Inversion Table will be freedom from all of the frustrating back stiffness, swelling, and pain that you are so tired of dealing with. This ingenious product offers a range of secondary benefits, so it will also boost your general health."

How Does Teeter Relieve Annoying and Unbearable Back Pain?

Recommended by orthopedic surgeons all over the world, the Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table does so much more than most medications do, because it never covers up back pain symptoms. Instead of masking the problem, this particular inversion table goes straight to the root of back pain by decompressing the spine and joints and truly offers the most holistic form of pain relief and orthopedic care possible.

When consumers order their own Teeter Hang Ups Table online, they’ll spend only minutes per day on their machine; however, that’s all it takes to decompress the entire back and joints, which then restores optimum function to these areas of the body.

In Conclusion

Ms Walters reports, "You don’t need to suffer to get results; in fact, using this incredible system will offer premium benefits without discomfort or strain. In order to get the benefit of your new inversion table, just “set, lock and go”, and then access the perfect speed and rotation settings for your new device. Learning how to use it takes mere minutes. Since the system is so simple to understand and to use, the health benefits of the device will be apparent right away."

"Investing in the Teeter Hang Ups table is the best way to relieve back pain and to restore back function without dangerous drugs or surgery."

Consumers Must Use Extreme Caution When Choosing Teeter Hang Ups

Research analyst Cindy Walters states, “Extreme caution must be used when purchasing Teeter Hang Ups. Since there are countless websites now promoting this product, consumers can easily become very confused."

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