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Teeth Whitening Solutions - Pens vs Strips, What They Are Not Telling You

Newly Published Reviews Reveal Critical Information About Teeth Whitening Pens Compared To Strips.


Kinnelon, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/07/2014 -- When it comes to making those pearly whites really shine, Smile Briter offers an excellent alternative for teeth whitening. While there are a sea of whitening products available on the market, most involve the use of mouth guards, whitening strips, and toothpastes that can become irritating to the mouth over time, as well as inconvenient. The teeth whitening pens that come with the Smile Briter teeth whitening kit include two in a kit. They are easy to use, effective, and save time for anyone looking for the whiter, brighter teeth.

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Smile Briter Means a Brighter Smile Without Hassles
The teeth whitening kit from Smile Briter includes two pens. That equals a sixty day supply. Each pen will last a month. It's a cinch to apply teeth whitener each day and keep up with a busy lifestyle. There's no waiting around for whitening gel to take in a mouth guard or watching the timer before peeling away whitening strips. Simply apply the Smile Briter teeth whitener with a pen and it's time to go.

Advantages of Using Smile Briter Teeth Whitening Pens
The Smile Briter Teeth Whitening Pens have been designed by dentists and approved by orthodontists as well, a convenient method of teeth whitening for those who wear braces or other orthodontic appliances. This product is made in the United States and is one that the company stands by as a powerful teeth whitener with satisfying results. When it comes to stains caused by soda, coffee, smoking, and a host of other foods, Smile Briter is an excellent way to eliminate discoloration, making those teeth shiny and bright. Smile Briter is for the person who doesn't have a half hour to wait around while whitening strips do their thing. All it takes is a stroke of Smile Briter teeth whitening pens and those teeth will soon be gleaming again!

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Now is the Time to Save Money with Smile Briter
For anyone who wants to show off a whiter, brighter smile, Smile Briter is offering a special promotion of two teeth whitening pens for $9.99. Usually offered for $59.99, this $50 savings is well worth the investment. Now is the time to buy before this limited promotional rate ends. Try Smile Briter and get ready to smile for the camera in no time at all. It's time to flash those pearly whites again!

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