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New Teeth Whitening System Proven To Deliver the Ultimate At Home Teeth Whitening Experience


Kinnelon, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/11/2014 -- The average American eats approximately one ton a year. From drinking countless beverages to enjoying multiple types of foods, each day a person’s teeth are consistently exposed to wear and tear. Over time they lose their pearly white appearance and appear more yellow than most people would like them to be.

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Desperate to get rid of those stains caused by coffee, smoking and soda drinks, someone might feel the need to try just about anything. When it comes to teeth whitening, most imagine that it will take months to improve the appearance of their smile. However, now there are easier ways to whiten someone’s teeth that don’t involve a huge amount of time and money.

With Smile Briter, a person can use this teeth whitening kit to get the kind of smile they’re looking for. Smile Briter is guaranteed to make someone’s teeth whiter in three weeks or the company will reimburse them. It comes in a two-pack set and each teeth whitening pen can be used for 30 days.

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Teeth whitening is the most requested cosmetic service right now. It costs more money than patients think when they show up to their dentist office hoping for great results. Most claim their dentist charges $200 or more to whiten their teeth. With a product like Smile Briter, someone who wants to perfect their smile doesn’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars. This simple teeth whitening set is orthodontist and dentist designed and approved. Smile Briter is safe so users can rest assured their smile is protected.

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Smile Briter instructs the user to brush the gel onto their teeth with the whitening pen each day. It only takes a matter of seconds to apply. There are no strips and no mouth guards to deal with when using the product. For the ones who love to travel and continue whitening their teeth, Smile Briter claims to be the safe and effective solution. The company says these whitening pens are easy to travel with and use.

Usually, these teeth whitening pens are $59.99. However, Smile Briter is running a special promotion and offering this teeth whitening set at at over 50% off retail for a limited time only.

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